Friday, March 02, 2012

How to Use NLP to Exorcise Your Demons and Start Attracting Health, Love and Money

By Charles Steed, Author of Dark Persuasion Techniques

People are sponges for information. As we make our way through life we pick up all kinds of data. Some of it is useful and some not so useful. And some of the stuff we absorb is downright hazardous to our well being.

We're especially susceptible to internalizing non-supportive beliefs and ideas when we're very young. From the time we arrive home from the maternity ward we take in the majority of our impressions and beliefs from the people in our immediate environment, usually our parents.

So if our parents are well rounded, reasonable people, we tend to be well rounded and reasonable. I realize the word reasonable, or any other descriptive word is relative but please, follow along.

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