Monday, January 30, 2012

30 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself

Source: Marc and Angel Hack Life

As Maria Robinson once said, "Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending."

Nothing could be closer to the truth. But before you can begin this process of transformation you have to stop doing the things that have been holding you back.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Your Mind Is Your #1 Doctor And Healer

By Vishen Lakhiani
Source: Silva Mind Body Healing

How much do you really know about your mind’s ability to influence your body? How far have you pushed your mind?

And I mean really pushed your it.

Yes, most of you out there know just how powerful your mind is but have you used it as a tool for healing? A savior for your health? I know these are pretty big words but when you consider the countless stories of people curing the incurable, terminal illnesses disappearing, and rapid recovery from all sorts of ailments using just the mind, it’s hard not to call your mind your #1 healer.

While most of you just love going to the doctor’s and paying those hefty fees for consultations and pharmaceutical drugs, consider this: A pain-free life, where you are so in tune with your body you know you’re going to be sick before it happens. You know exactly how to stop it, heal it, and prevent it.

Sound too good to be true? I used to think so but just check out these stories below:


Silva Healing

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

IBM Predicts Mind-Reading Machines by 2016

By Jack Clark / Source: ZDNet

By 2016 consumers will be able to control electronics using brain power alone, people will not need to use passwords, and approximately 5.6 billion people will have phones with data access, IBM has foretold.

The predictions are part of the technology giant's '5 in 5' project to make five predictions for what tech will look like in five years' time. The '5 in 5' project has been run since 2006, though the company made no predictions in 2010.

"Every year IBM predicts the future of technology via the IBM 5 in 5 initiative," Steve Hamm, a strategist in IBM's corporate communications department, wrote in a blog post. "We assess not just the availability of a new technology but also the likelihood of its large-scale adoption."

By 2016, consumers will have access to gadgets that 'read their minds', allowing them to call friends and move computer cursors, according to IBM.


Sunday, January 22, 2012

70 Ways to Increase Your Brain Power

By Steve Gillman
Author of "A Book of Secrets"

Let me ask you a question. What was Henry Fords IQ? Who cares! The man was one of the most innovative people of the last century, and he did what he did by surrounding himself with intelligent people.

That practice alone has to be worth more than 20 IQ points in terms of real life results.

Real life results are what you want, right? So if you want to be more creative, learn to use creative problem solving techniques. If you want to concentrate better, there are techniques for that. Learn to speed-read and you'll have double the knowledge in the same time. After you paint your first Mona Lisa, build your first skyscraper or make your first million, what will your IQ score be? Who cares!?

Okay, an imperfect test is better than no test at all, and it is entertaining. Of course you'll score higher on a good day than a bad day, so try these tips to make it a good IQ test day:


A Brain 'Pacemaker' Can Treat Depression

By Jonathan Vizcarra / Source: Technorati 

 Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is a surgical procedure where a patient is implanted with a medical device called a "brain pacemaker". What the device does is send electrical impulses to specific parts of the brain.

Treatment resistant movement and affective disorders associated with the brain such as chronic pain, Parkinson's disease, tremor and dystonia. Patients affected have benefited from this procedure providing positive therapeutic results.

A new study shows that DBS can also be used for depression in patients. This procedure can be used with either unipolar major depressive disorder (MDD) or bipolar ll disorder (BP).


Beyond Superhuman

Friday, January 20, 2012

How to Improve Your Brain with Electric Shocks

By John Cloud / Source: Time Magazine

The other day, some friendly scientists in Philadelphia attached electrodes to my head — one just above and behind my right ear, and the other on my left cheekbone — and ran electricity through my brain.

As they did, I took a computerized memory test. My scores on the test significantly improved from an earlier test I took without the electricity. It turns out you can tune up someone's brain like a car battery. I felt — and looked — a bit like a Frankenstein creature, but the results were impressive.

Welcome to the promising world of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS), a highly refined, very safe and relatively cheap biomedical treatment that is being studied for use not only in improving memory but treating depression and epilepsy.


Unlock Your Guru Mind

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Pentagon Turns to Alternative Medicine to Fix Damaged Soldiers

By Katie Drummond / Source: Wired

The general is surprisingly good at meditation. It's not just the impeccable posture -- that might be expected of a man long used to standing at attention. It's his hands, which rest idly on his knees, and his combat boots, which remain planted firmly on the floor. Over the next several minutes, Lt. Gen. Eric Schoomaker, the Surgeon General of the Army, will keep his eyes closed and his face perfectly relaxed.

Few in this hotel conference room, where three dozen have assembled to mark the 10th anniversary of the Samueli Institute, a research organization specializing in alternative therapies, are able to match Schoomaker's stillness.

Even as our first speaker implores that we "close [our] eyes... feel the chair, feel the air, feel the breath going in and out,' this motley crew of professors, bejeweled clairvoyants, military personnel and Einsteinian-haired futurists tap their toes, shuffle papers and ogle paper plates of fruit and croissants.

"Wherever you've come from, wherever you imagine you're going, you're actually only doing it right now, in this moment." Our meditation guru for the day, Dr. Wayne Jonas, is not only a retired Army medical officer and former director of the holistic branch of the National Institute of Health. He's also the leader of the organization we've met to celebrate.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How Your Future Self Can Help You Save Money

By Kimberly Palmer, Author of Generation Earn

How connected do you feel to your future self? It might seem like a strange question, but the answer determines how likely you are to blow your money today or save it for later.

A new report from the Columbia Business School and University of Chicago Booth School of Business reveals that consumers make money choices based on how connected they feel to their future identities—and that it's relatively easy to manipulate those feelings.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Kid Wants To Be A Jedi

By Elly Molina, Author of Annabelle and the Domino

"A Jedi must have the deepest commitment, the most serious mind" - Yoda

The Winter Holidays have arrived again and your home is sweetly and festively decorated for the joyful occasion. You've had discussions about what holiday gifts to give your child. Your child already owns a Jedi Light Saber, a Darth Vader helmet, a cloak and countless Star Wars space ships and paraphernalia that you've stored away in the closet.

What's left? Oh yes, the Star Wars Force Trainer. You'd love to get this gift for yourself, only you may be a little too shy to be asking for it. Great gift for your kid, you think.


Saturday, January 14, 2012

The 10-Day Secret to Diet and Detox

By Raylen Sterling / Source: Master Cleanse Secrets

For almost 60 years there's been a kind of weird system for transforming the way you look and feel in just 10 days.

I say it's "weird" because the results people get when they do this for just 10 days are astounding, but the whole process is really simple to do. And everything you need can be picked up at the grocery store for a couple dollars.

Normally I would say the whole thing sounds too good to be true, but this system has been around for close to 60 years, and today it's more popular then ever!

It's even being used by Hollywood stars who have to look good all the time because the cameras always on them. The last thing they want is an unflattering photo of them looking sickly and out of shape on the front page of the tabloids.

Using this 10 day system keeps them looking great, and it can do the same for you.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Magicology: How Magicians Control Your Mind

By Devin Powell / Source: New Scientist

Professional pickpocket Apollo Robbins has an uncanny ability to control minds. He can manipulate people to an extraordinary degree, drawing their attention away from his thieving hands as he purloins watches and wallets in plain sight. These days, Robbins gives his ill-gotten gains back - he has given up a life of crime to become an entertainer - but most of his victims still have no idea they've been robbed until it's too late.

Watching Robbins at work is like watching somebody with supernatural powers. Yet, like his fellow conjurors, Robbins deceives his targets using nothing more than a finely honed understanding of human psychology. "I think of myself as a folk psychologist," he says. "It's all about developing an instinct for how the human mind works."

After years of ignoring magic, researchers are starting to realise that the methods magicians use to manipulate the human mind might hold important insights into how it works. "We're all thinking about the same questions," says Christof Koch, a neuroscientist at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena. "We just come at the problems from different angles."


Yes No Trick

Weird Card Trick Messes With Your Mind

Here's a strange video created by Dr. Richard Wiseman, a British psychology professor who does some very interesting and very entertaining research, much of it about perception.

Here's a sample of his work, The Color-Changing Card Trick. See if you can catch him making the switch...


Amazing Video Proves That Subliminal Suggestion Works

5 Easy Ways to Increase Your IQ Quickly

Source: Roadmap to Genius

Continuously increasing the IQ is a condition for every person who wants to succeed in life. Most of the leading positions and high paying jobs are occupied by capable persons with incredibly high IQ.

The reason for this is simple: the higher your IQ, the smarter you are and thus, the better you can pursue your goals. So, if you are dreaming about becoming an important person, get out of that reverie state and start improving your intelligence so that you can compete with the others who want the same thing as you do.

There are many things which you can do in order to increase your IQ and make your brain work faster and more efficiently.


How to Program Your Mind For Wealth

By Ilya Alexi, Author of 
Mind Over Money: How to Program Your Mind for Wealth

My entire life I have been obsessed with learning how we can change our reality with the creative power of our minds. I've studied dozens of experts, read hundreds of books, and spent thousands of dollars in this quest.

Through all of my experimentation, I've discovered that there are five simple core principles at the heart of the creation process.

In this short article, I have tried to make this knowledge as simple as humanly possible. I want every single person reading this to be able to take this information and use it, easily and quickly.

Here then, is the most simple possible explanation of the power of your creative energy. Follow these five steps, and any goal can be yours.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Terrified Woman From Another Universe Wakes Up Here

What would you do if you found yourself in a strange bed, your workplace had changed, and you discovered your lover no longer existed? A woman named Lerina García claims this is exactly what's happened to her. Could you be next…?

What started as an ordinary day—waking in bed one morning—evolved into a series of fearful shocks and haunting horror for a desperate woman lost in an alien world: our world.
As Lerina García left her bed she noticed the sheets and bedclothes were strange. She didn't recognize them. Still shaking off the last vestiges of sleep, however, she simply shrugged away the eerie discovery and began her morning routine.

But García would soon learn that once she'd left that slightly alien bed she entered another reality. Her life, her past—everything most precious to her—was gone.


Future Memory Pill Might Cure Alzheimer's

By JohnThomas Didymus / Source: Digital Journal

Scientists have identified a gene in mice which helps to give them "super memories." The gene also reverses the course of degenerative illnesses like Alzheimer's. Scientists hope to apply the new discovery to develop a pill to enhance human memory.

According to the scientists, brains of human beings and mice are similar in many ways. Both have a molecule called PKR. The Montreal Gazette reports PKR is an immune molecule known to signal viral infections to the brain. According to John Bell, senior scientist at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, "We recognize that PKR plays a dual role, one in regulating simple everyday processes like the way neurons talk to each other (for) memory, but also has a stress response."

Scientists say the newly discovered gene in mice appears to block the release of PKR. This helps to reverse the course of degenerative brain diseases such as Alzheimer's and can also induce "super" memories in mice. The researchers are hoping they will be able to induce similar effect in humans.


Program Yourself or Let Others Program You

By Kevin Trudeau / Author of
Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You to Know About

A lot of people ask me for my opinion on subliminal messaging. I'm kind of an expert in this area because I have studied it for about 30 years now.

Years ago a study was conducted at a drive-in movie theater. During the movie, they threw in a couple frames that said ‘buy Coke’ or ‘drink Coke.’ You couldn't actually see the messages because each film frame goes by so quickly, but they would repeat this process a few times, and ended up finding out that there was an increase in Coke sales. It wasn’t by a small increase either; it was 20, 30, 40, 50 percent or more every time they ran the test.

That shows that this type of advertising really did have an affect on people's behavior. It became so powerful that it was added into advertising for years, but then the research started showing that it was a little too effective and the government got scared, so it was banned from advertising. You couldn’t use it legally.

However, that's not true anymore because it is still being done today. It’s being done in music videos, movies, and television shows. All types of subliminal advertising are being used and it absolutely 100% works and there is a whole technology behind it.


Saturday, January 07, 2012

Can Your Name Ruin Your Love Life?

By Abby Gillies / Source: NZ Herald

If you're unlucky in love, it may be your name that's the problem.

Researchers have found that your first name could have an effect on your love life and have come up with a list of unlucky and lucky names.

But local experts are sceptical about the accuracy of the research, which found that singles called Kevin had the toughest time.

The research found that those on dating websites were also less likely to pursue a relationship with someone called Mandy, Justin or Chantal, "because the names are all associated with trouble-making", the Daily Mail reported.


5 Super Powers You Can Have Today

Everybody wants superpowers, from the simple innocence of a child yearning for flight to the sad perversion of the Amish man praying for x-ray vision powerful enough to peep a lady’s calves. We all want to be superhuman, and you can start right now! This is but a sample of some of the currently existing (or soon to be developed) devices that can lend the average man abilities previously relegated to world of comic books.


Friday, January 06, 2012

Does Astrology Predict Jail Time?

By Peter Kuitenbrouwer  / Source: National Post

Police in Chatham-Kent, Ont., announced Wednesday that, of 1,986 people arrested so far this year, 203 were Aries, whereas just 139 were Sagittarius.

It is the first time the municipality has ranked its crimes by Zodiac sign. Aries were the most arrested, with Libras in second at 189 arrests, and Virgo third at 183. The least criminal were Sagittarius (139 arrests), Aquarius (142) and Taurus (146).

“To provide an interesting astrological perspective, an algorithm was applied to all the arrestees’ dates of birth,” said a news release from the Chatham-Kent Police Service, whose 170 sworn officers patrol the largely rural municipality of rich farmland and of 110,000 residents that sprawls 2,400 square kilometres east of Windsor, Ont.


Money Magnet Meditations

Thursday, January 05, 2012

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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Get Your Ex Back with 'Digital Telepathy'

By Michael Fiore / Source: Text Your Ex Back

If you've been watching the news, you've probably heard of big sports stars, politicians, and teenagers getting in trouble for "sexting" outside their marriages.

But what you probably didn't know is that there are tens of thousands of women and men around the world using simple little text messages inside their relationships to create amazing romance, intimacy and passion literally at the push of a button.

Relationship expert Michael Fiore created a step by step system for using tiny little text messages to create a private "intimate channel" between you and the man or woman in your life… even if you don't have much time together (due to kids and jobs) or if your lover doesn't seem very "romantic" now.

"The great thing about texting is that it's private and you can do it anywhere" says Fiore. "Just by sending a few tiny little text messages you can ‘wake up' the romantic center of your partner's mind… give them a private ‘text massage', tell them how you really feel, and really create an amazing level of heat… just by pushing a few buttons on your phone."


Get Your Ex Back