Thursday, March 22, 2012

The World is Your Mental Creation

By Burt Goldman, The American Monk

The principle of Mentalism -- which says the universe is a mental creation of God -- is perhaps one of the most inexplicable and mysterious of any principle as it involves the unknowable.

God, or as the followers of the teachings of Hermes say the All, is absolute and beyond understanding; all we can do is guess; and the guesses I can safely say will all be wrong. God is infinite and eternal; meaning God had no beginning but has always been, and will have no ending but will always be.

That alone is beyond comprehension. How can anything have no beginning? That my friends is the divine paradox. But allow me to address the fact that God is infinite. Being infinite he is in and of everything. I use the term loosely as God would have to be genderless and perfect. You can neither diminish nor add anything to him.

The universe is a mental creation. That goes along with the infinite nature of God. Allow me to use a metaphor as that is the only way to get even close to a comprehension of what I am attempting to say.
You can create a being, or an event in your mind. Every play, every book, every motion picture is a created fantasy, not real, but created by the mind of a person. An infinite being creates infinitely. In other words, all that is, all that was, and all that will be has been created in the mind of God. That is infinity.


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