Friday, December 30, 2011

Why the World Won't End in 2012

By Stuart Wilde

The Mayans were a black magic blood cult that practised human sacrifice, like the Romans that sacrificed 100,000 people a year in the Colosseum.

The Mayans were a very cruel people that got power and pleasure from torture… their kings existed on the slave labor of thousands upon thousands of the indigenous people they captured. Most have never heard of this aspect of the Mayans.

If the Nazis had had a calendar, which say predicted the end of the world on Hitler's birthday 20 April in 2022... people would ridicule it, but the Mayans were just as fascist as Hitler if not more so, and they were much less evolved than the Germans of the 1930s.

The idea that this rinky dink civilization with their vile sacrificial rituals could predict the end of the world is beyond silly.


The World's Greatest Goal Achiever

One rainy afternoon an inspired 15-year old boy named John Goddard sat down at his kitchen table in Los Angeles and wrote three words at the top of a yellow pad, “My Life List.” Under that heading he wrote down 127 goals.

These were not simple or easy goals. They included climbing the world’s major mountains, exploring from source to mouth the longest rivers of the world, piloting the world’s fastest aircraft, running a mile in five minutes and reading the entire Encyclopedia Britannica.

Now, a generation later, he has accomplished 109 of these quests, and has logged an impressive list of records in achieving them.

Have You Been Brainwashed to Be Broke?

By Ilya Alexi, Author of 
Mind Over Money: How to Program Your Mind for Wealth

Think about your life for a moment. Are you exactly where you want to be? Are you doing work that you love? Are you free to travel when and where you wish? Are your relationships fulfilling? Are you financially free or are you tied to a job you hate?

Now answer this question for me: Do you want to know exactly why you are not living a life of ease, comfort, and happiness? Yes, of course you do. Pay close attention:

"The only reason you are not living the life of your dreams is because unconstructive beliefs were programmed into your mind as a child."

Let me say it in a way that might be easier to understand:

"The only reason you don't have enough money is because you still believe the bullshit they taught you as a kid."

That's it... When you were young, you learned certain "facts" about life that became a part of your subconscious operating system. This system now automatically creates the life you are living. If you are not living exactly the life that you desire, then these beliefs need to be changed... it's as simple as that.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

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The Power of Brainwashing in North Korea

Thomas Lifson / Source: American Thinker

Amazing as it seems to Americans, there is actual grief, with spontaneous tears flowing for Kim Jong-il, late dictator of North Korea.

Absolute tyrannies which create a cult of personality around the leader are capable of brainwashing their populace to such a degree. Stalin, after all, is still recalled nostalgically by some elderly Russians, and his death caused an outpouring of genuine grief, too. With media and social control, mind control can follow, so that people sincerely mourn monsters.

It is a sobering lesson for political realists who live in a media environment aligned with a "god-like" leader seeking additional sway over the fate of the nation.


The Mind Control Course

Friday, December 23, 2011

The Psychedelic Secrets of Santa Claus

By Dana Larsen / Source: Cannabis Culture

Although most people see Christmas as a Christian holiday, many of the symbols and icons we associate with Christmas celebrations are actually derived from the shamanistic traditions of the tribal peoples of pre-Christian Northern Europe.

The sacred mushroom of these people was the red and white amanita muscaria mushroom, also known as "fly agaric." These mushrooms are now commonly seen in books of fairy tales, and are usually associated with magic and fairies. This is because they contain potent hallucinogenic compounds, and were used by ancient peoples for insight and transcendental experiences.

Most of the major elements of the modern Christmas celebration, such as Santa Claus, Christmas trees, magical reindeer and the giving of gifts, are originally based upon the traditions surrounding the harvest and consumption of these most sacred mushrooms.


The Easiest Plan in the World for Getting Whatever You Want

By Ilya Alexi, Author of 
Mind Over Money: How to Program Your Mind for Wealth

My entire life I have been obsessed with learning how we can change our reality with the creative power of our minds. I've studied dozens of experts, read hundreds of books, and spent thousands of dollars in this quest.

Through all of my experimentation, I've discovered that there are five simple core principles at the heart of the creation process.

In this short article, I have tried to make this knowledge as simple as humanly possible. I want every single person reading this to be able to take this information and use it, easily and quickly.

Here then, is the most simple possible explanation of the power of your creative energy. Follow these five steps, and any goal can be yours.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Matrix-style Downloading Coming to a Brain Near You

By Ted Thornhill / Source: Daily Mail

Learning a martial art, how to fly a plane or how to speak a new language without even being awake is set to become a reality, say researchers.

Scientists at Boston University and ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories in Kyoto, Japan, believe that in the future learning a new skill might involve nothing more than sitting in front of a computer screen and waiting for it to ‘upload’.

They have been studying how a functional magnetic resonance machine (FMRI) can ‘induce’ knowledge in someone through their visual cortex by sending signals that change their brain activity pattern.


Sleep Programming

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Your Next Goal in 5 Minutes a Day

How to Program Your Mind for WealthBy Ilya Alexi, Author of 
Mind Over Money: How to Program Your Mind for Wealth

Would you like to learn an absolutely free method for reaching your next goal in only five minutes a day?

You don't need to buy anything, you don't need to own anything, you don't need to go anywhere and you don't need to have any previous experience to make this method work for you.

You already have everything you need. Just one brain, that's all you need. Let me show you one way to program your mind so that your goals come to you effortlessly.

Here is a simple technique which always works for me...


Monday, December 19, 2011

9 Brain Myths that Science Can't Seem to Kill

Source: LifeHacker

Brain games will make you smarter! The internet is making you dumber! Alcohol is killing your brain cells!

The brain is a mystery we've been trying to solve for ages, and the desire to unlock its secrets has led to vast amounts of misinformation. Many of these false notions are more widely believed than the truth.

We took our healthy skepticism and a bunch of brain research to find the truth behind some of the most common myths about intelligence and our brains. Here's what we learned.


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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Think and Grow Rich in 2012

By Dr. Robert Anthony,
Creator of The Secret of Deliberate Creation

This holiday season, set aside just two minutes of your time to stop shopping for everyone else and treat yourself to the most life-changing gift you could ever have.

In doing so, 2012 is sure to bring joy, happiness, financial freedom and just about anything else that you desire.

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Five Simple Ways to Trick Your Mind Into Attracting Wealth

By Ilya Alexi, Author of 
Mind Over Money: How to Program Your Mind for Wealth

Learning how to use mind power, and learning specifically how to use mind power to attract wealth and abundance has been a major focus for most of my life. Along the way, I've learned that using mind power works most effectively when it is done with ease and grace. You don't have to struggle to get exactly what you want in life. In fact, whenever you struggle, you push away that which you most desire.

Using mind power to change your life is more like a magic trick than anything else. You simply trick your mind into believing that you have what you want, and then your life miraculously changes to reflect your new belief. And just like a magic trick, it seems impossible until you learn the trick, and then you realize it is actually very simple.

Yes, I said very simple. The five steps which follow are designed for the complete beginner. You can start today, right now, to attract more prosperity in your life. Here are five ways to start immediately.

Friday, December 16, 2011

How I Beat Slot Machines With My Dreams

By Randall Fitzgerald / Author of Lucky You!

My natural journalistic skepticism used to be so rigidly enforced that what I am about to tell you would previously have been treated by me as laughable. An unusual event loosened my straitjacket of doubt about what is possible in life. It presented a jaw-dropping challenge to all of my comforting notions about the boundaries of our consensus reality.

A mystery man named Andy, who I met in Las Vegas, claimed to have perfected an intuitive money-making technique using his dreams. After I watched him in action at gaming tables, I was intrigued enough by his success that I decided to test a version of his method.

For six nights straight, as I drifted off to sleep, I mentally repeated to myself, over and over, these words: “Please give me a precognitive dream about winning money or making money...” This mantra, or wish, or prayer, was directed at programming my own unconscious mind.

To even begin this process, I had to suspend my agnosticism and disbelief. I had to drop any pretense of knowing anything about how the ‘laws’ of causality and probability theory work. Instead, I tried to keep myself open and accepting of whatever images and feelings might surface, no matter how ridiculous my rational mind judged them to be.


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The Future Starts in 2020

By Thomas Lin and Jonathan Huang / Source: NY Times

Far enough in the distance to dream, yet seemingly within arm’s reach, that year was attached to more predictions of technological innovations from readers than any other in the interactive, crowd-sourced timeline published online with “The Future of Computing,” last week’s special issue of Science Times.

Holographic displays. Robotic restaurants. Computers that replace doctors, translators and drivers. If it’s proximate science fiction you want, you’ll have it, it seems, at the end of the decade.

Looking at 2020 and beyond, readers imagined a future with cures for intractable diseases, direct links between brain and computer, automated everything, contact with alien life forms, sentient machines and no language barriers.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How to Develop Your Child's Powerful Intuitive Abilities

By Elly Molina, Author of Annabelle and the Domino

 The first time I read Robert A. Heinlein’s “Stranger in a Strange Land” there was a lot  I didn’t quite “grok”; yet something in me whispered, “This is not science fiction”.

Heinlein’s main character,  Valentine Michael Smith, is the son of the first astronauts who explore planet Mars. Smith is an orphaned human raised in Martian culture who learns how to have full control over his mind and body. Through circumstances, the protagonist  finds himself on Earth.  He is attacked by US government agents and in self defense sends the agents into a fourth dimension.

During the course of the novel , he continues to demonstrate psychic abilities, superhuman intelligence and psychokinetic abilities.  While reading, I continuously thought this is do able and wondered how can we learn to do this?

Over the years I have developed  a strong belief that we humans once knew how to do this and lost the ability through some sort of “dark age” in our psychic  development.  I started to look at how we are taught to speak,  walk,  how and what to eat and came to the belief that our way distant ancestors actually knew how to and used their  intuitive, telepathic and telekinetic abilites.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

10 Things You Don't Know About Time

Source: Discover Magazine

“Time” is the most used noun in the English language, yet it remains a mystery. We’ve just completed an amazingly intense and rewarding multidisciplinary conference on the nature of time, and my brain is swimming with ideas and new questions. Rather than trying a summary (the talks will be online soon), here’s my stab at a top ten list partly inspired by our discussions: the things everyone should know about time.

1. Time exists. Might as well get this common question out of the way. Of course time exists — otherwise how would we set our alarm clocks? Time organizes the universe into an ordered series of moments, and thank goodness; what a mess it would be if reality were complete different from moment to moment. The real question is whether or not time is fundamental, or perhaps emergent. We used to think that “temperature” was a basic category of nature, but now we know it emerges from the motion of atoms. When it comes to whether time is fundamental, the answer is: nobody knows. My bet is “yes,” but we’ll need to understand quantum gravity much better before we can say for sure.


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Sunday, December 11, 2011

5 Ways to Persuade Anyone to Do Whatever You Want

By Michael Lee
Author of How to Be an Expert Persuader

Having good persuasion skills has become a necessity in today's fast-paced world. A large part of your success depends on the cooperation of other people. Influencing them to your way of thinking is now a very essential step in the fulfillment of your goals.

Here are 5 simple yet effective persuasion tactics you may use everyday to build loyal and lasting relationships through the power of persuasion and influence.

Tactic # 1: You Must Enter Their World.
Copy them. Observe how they act, how they speak, and how they think. If they rub their forehead while they think, act like them. If they speak at a clear and slow pace, try to do the same thing. This is called mirroring. In due time, the people you're mirroring will subconsciously feel more comfortable with you. It's as if they see themselves in you. However, you must proceed with caution. Do not let them be aware that you are copying them. They might interpret it as mockery and you'll just get into trouble.

Tactic # 2: Meet Their Existing Needs and Desires.

People are self-centered. They are initially concerned with their own well-being before others. If you can prove that your proposal will provide more advantageous benefits to them than to your own, then they will probably accept it. If you could focus more on their interests, desires, needs, and expectations, then you would satisfy their cravings for attention. Moreover, it would show that you really care about them. Mutual trust and respect would be established. Satisfy the "What's In It For Me?" test first, before convincing others to do what you want them to do.


Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Exploring the Mystical Powers of Water

When most people think about water, they're thinking about something to drink, or perhaps that hot, steamy and refreshing liquid that funnels out of the showerhead to remove the grit and grime after a long day's work.

Dr. Masaru Emoto is not one of those people. He believes that water reveals hidden messages and reacts to human thoughts, music, emotions, prayers and written words.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

New Reality Creation Software Merges Science & Spirituality

By Tom Murasso, Creator of The Sourxe

I recently read where scientists discovered one tiny atom's behavior replicates the entire universe. Incredible!

Each atom – there are billions upon billions of them – creates alternative universes, time lines, and parallel realities where duplicates of you and me (and everyone else) are living simultaneous, yet... different lives.

And that's the keyword... 'different' lives!

Hey, most of us dream, at one point or another, that our lives were different. Right?

And you can see why this discovery explains why some people are successful and some are not. Some are rich or poor. Why some enjoy health and some are sick. Why some have great relationships, etc., etc. They were able to access a different reality!

Apparently, where we place our focus has everything to do with it. So, how exactly do you focus on an alternative universes and parallel realities? I sure can't remember anyone teaching me that in school...

Well the good news is, someone HAS discovered a way to jump the time lines into parallel realities...

Here's a short video explaining everything...

Friday, December 02, 2011

The Army Fights Nightmares with Power Dreaming

By Dawn Lim  / Source: Wired

A soldier tries to sleep. But he is not safe in his dreams. Jolted awake by a nightmare, the combat veteran fumbles in the dark for his 3-D glasses.

He puts them on. Around him are the faces of people whom he trusts. They fight the darkness with him.
The soldier’s re-lived this scene in his head and the laboratory over and over again, until it has become reassuringly familiar. The soldier knows that his pixelated friends will take him away from these troubled dreams. When the scene is over, he takes off his goggles and looks around him. The soldier is home.

The U.S. Army wants this dream sequence to become reality. In an Army-backed experiment called “Power Dreaming,” Naval Hospital Bremerton in Washington State will help traumatized troops battle their nightmares — with soothing, digitally-made dreams crafted in virtual worlds. No, this is not the script for the sequel to Inception.


Quantum Jumping

Thursday, December 01, 2011

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T. Harv Eker, author of the New York Times #1 best-seller "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind," is giving away complimentary copies of his newly revised e-book, SpeedWealth.

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