Monday, December 30, 2013

Top 5 Phenomena That Offer Evidence For An Afterlife

In the modern age, the debate over the possibility that our consciousness might survive the physical death of our body is often reduced to a false dichotomy of science vs religion.

As such, scientists sadly often ignore and ridicule reports of strange phenomena from those who have approached, and in some cases gone beyond, the threshold of death, even though such experiences have a profound effect upon those who undergo them.

Do these phenomena offer evidence that we might live on in some way past the demise of our physical selves? Here's a list of five areas, taken from the book Stop Worrying! There Probably is an Afterlife, which suggest that it might just be so...

Friday, December 27, 2013

Unblock Your Abundance in 2014

Your invitation to Christie Marie Sheldon's Energy Clearing Session is still available... And it's absolutely free. So mark your calendar for January 7th 6pm PST and click the link below.

Over 43,000 people experienced Christie Marie's session earlier this year and many participants 'stumbled' upon profound synchronicities - surprise cheques  appearing in your mail or sudden business opportunities.

Imagine what your 2014 would look like if that happened to you? ;-)

During the session, you'll be guided through 6 eye-opening concepts that'll help you wipe out those Abundance Blocks you never knew were hijacking your life:

1) Abundance Blocks And Why They're Holding You Back From Wealth
Familiarize yourself with what they are, why they exist, and which ones could be sabotaging your ability to manifest the abundance you desire.

2) How Energy Clearing Works
Discover exactly how it's possible to tap into your energy field, and directly remove Abundance Blocks from it.

3) An energy clearing session for unblocking your abundance in 2014
Christie will use her gift to remotely access your energy field and enhance its natural wealth attraction ability just in time for the new year. 

4) How Much Are Your Abundance Blocks Costing You?
Use an eye-opening abundance calculator that you can use to instantly see how close (or far) you are to being financially healthy.

Unlimited Abundance5) Tales of unlimited abundance
Christie will share a few real-life stories from past participants of this energy clearing session. Regardless of who you are, unlimited abundance is just a mind shift away.

6) Christie Marie On The Hot Seat
If you're curious or skeptical about the power of energy clearing, this section is for you. Personal growth icon Vishen Lakhiani will ask Christie a series of piercing questions on every aspect of Abundance Blocks.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

What Are the Secrets of Longevity?

By Denise Winterman
Source: BBC News Magazine

The quest to live longer is one of humanity's oldest dreams and three isolated communities seem to have stumbled across the answer. So what can they teach us about a longer life?

Something remarkable links the remote Japanese island of Okinawa, the small Sardinian mountain town of Ovodda and Loma Linda in the US. People live longer in these three places than anywhere else on earth.

At an age when the average Briton is predicted to die - 77 years for men and 81 for women - inhabitants of these three places are looking forward to many more years of good health. Often they're still working in jobs as demanding as heart surgery.

Okinawa has a population of one million and of those 900 are centenarians, four times higher than the average in Britain or America. Even more remarkably, Ovodda is the only region in the world where as many men as women live to be 100 years of age, bucking the global trend.

But what is even more intriguing is that each community is distinct from the others and raises a different theory as to why residents live longer. In all three communities scientists have dedicated themselves to trying to uncover these unique secrets. So what can we learn from the towns where people live the longest?


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Your Brain Sees What It Is Programmed To See

The brain is a hunk of flesh. Amazing transceiver, but working on the fleshly side, like our bodies. It interprets. It is not spirit, it is alive but not life. It is not perception, in any way, shape or form. Yet it perceives at its own level.

We, however, are consciousness. And here we have bodies with brains.
In our current form, our nervous system consists of our brains, our spinal cord, and all the attached nerves, however complex and energetic it may be. It works for us, not us for it. The two ARE separable. We joined up when we arrived, and we'll detach when we leave.

The heart and other chakras are more spiritual centers. Right now we're talking brain and central nervous system.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Bizarre Experiments with Telepathic Dogs

By Nick Redfern, Author of The World's Weirdest Places

For decades, the US Defense intelligence Agency has delved deep into the mysterious worlds of psychic phenomena, extra-sensory perception, and the paranormal powers of the human brain.

But the DIA has also focused on the mind-skills of other living creatures beyond just us, the Human Race. Dogs have been a particular favorite of the DIA, and even more so the many psychic hounds of the former Soviet Union.

It was 1975 when the strange canine caper kicked-off, and, unsurprisingly, it was initiated to try and secretly determine if studying the presumed supernatural skills of Soviet dogs might provide the US Government with some sort of military-based and espionage-themed advantage over the Russians.

Stroke Turns Man Gay

Following a stroke, Chris Birch's personality and sexuality altered dramatically. Now he is trying to rediscover who he is and why these changes may have happened.

"It's like looking at somebody else, but with my face only younger, and in all fairness, if I met myself I'd probably carry on walking."

Looking at past pictures of himself, 27-year-old Chris Birch struggles to remember or identify with his old self. He used to be a 19-stone, beer-swilling, party-loving rugby fan from the Welsh valleys, the life and soul of a party. He worked in a bank and loved sport and motorbikes.

After a freak accident in 2011, he says he underwent a big change to his personality. He believes that he has gone from being straight to gay.

Read the full story here...

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Boost Your Brain Power with 20 Minutes of Sleep

What if 20 more minutes of sleep could boost your work performance 2-3x?
Would you get it?

Everywhere I go people tell me they're not getting enough sleep. As an executive coach it's key that I help my clients perform at their peak -- sleep deprived or not. Recently I met with Dr. Jessica Payne, Cognitive Neuroscientist & Assistant Professor at Notre Dame. Payne specializes in sleep and how it affects stamina and our ability to perform. 

Here's what I learned.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Happiness Brings You Money, Study Finds

Scientists may have discovered the secret to avoiding the fiscal cliff: Happiness.
Regardless of whether money can buy happiness, being happy may actually make you more money down the road, new research finds.

People who express more positive emotions as teenagers and greater life satisfaction as young adults tend to have higher incomes by the time they're 29, according to a study published Monday by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The difference was so great that when measuring life satisfaction on a 5-point scale, a 1-point jump at age 22 made a $2,000 difference in income down the line. Between the gloomiest and the happiest brackets, that amounts to an $8,000 earnings swing.

Saturday, December 07, 2013

The Secret Life of Telepathic Plants

"My plant read my mind!" On February 2nd, 1966 this realization forever changed the life of the FBI and CIA's foremost polygraph researcher, and reintroduced modern science to the sentient nature of our universe.

On that date the brilliant and disciplined mind of Cleve Backster conceived an irrefutable paradigm-busting scientific protocol. With straightforward electronics that a student or garage-level scientist can replicate, he proved to humans that their thoughts and emotions affect the behavior of their own and other living cells.

For millennia traditional peoples have known that all life forms-plants, animals and even single cells-are not only sentient and intelligent, but that they communicate with one another. This fact got lost a few centuries ago between the mechanistic focus of industrial science and the modern human view of reality that ascribed consciousness only to the human brain.

A few 20th century scientific pioneers, like Chandra Bose in India and the Kirlians in the former Soviet Union, had earlier developed technology to demonstrate energy fields and basic emotional responses in plants and animals. Backster's experimental work took the next step and documented a heretofore unrecognized cellular level of interspecies biocommunication.


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Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Nine Things Successful People Do Differently

By Heidi Grant Halvorson

Why have you been so successful in reaching some of your goals, but not others? If you aren't sure, you are far from alone in your confusion. It turns out that even brilliant, highly accomplished people are pretty lousy when it comes to understanding why they succeed or fail.

The intuitive answer — that you are born predisposed to certain talents and lacking in others — is really just one small piece of the puzzle. In fact, decades of research on achievement suggests that successful people reach their goals not simply because of who they are, but more often because of what they do.


Monday, December 02, 2013

Why Can't We Use Drugs (for brain research)?

Imagine being an astronomer in a world where the telescope was banned. This effectively happened in the 1600s when, for over 100 years, the Catholic Church prohibited access to knowledge of the heavens in a vain attempt to stop scientists proving that the earth was not the center of the universe.

'Surely similar censorship could never happen today,' I hear you say—but it does in relation to the use of drugs to study the brain. Scientists and doctors are banned from studying many hundreds of drugs because of outdated United Nations charters dating back to the 1960s and 1970s. Some of the banned drugs include cannabis, psychedelics and MDMA (now widely known as ecstasy).