Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Top 10 Ways to Look and Be Smarter

Whether you're trying to survive an intensive college schedule or just want to seem smarter in front of your friends, you can do a lot of things to both look and be smarter.

Here are ten simple tricks for boosting your real (and perceived) brain power.

10. Read Faster and Better

Obviously, one of the best ways to boost your intelligence is to read more! You can read faster (and thus consume more knowledge) by getting your speech mechanism out of the equation. So give your mouth something to do, like eating, humming, or chewing gum to get through that stuff quickly. Then, take some time to absorb and reflect on what you read to keep it in your memory. Whether it's War and Peace or just the Wikipedia Random button, you'll be surprised by how much more you learn when you're reading not just fast, but well.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How to Earn Straight A's

By Steve Pavlina

When I started high school, I decided I was going to become a straight-A student, even though I'd never done that before. It seemed like an interesting goal to pursue as a 14-year old. Since school was the center of my life back then, I figured I might as well succeed at it.

On my first freshman English essay, I got a C+. I was a bit miffed. I thought I had done my best.

Instead of interpreting that C+ to mean that I was going to fail at my goal, I asked, "Why didn't I get an A? What would an A essay need to look like?"

Whenever I got less than an A in a class assignment, I kept asking, "What do I need to do differently to get an A?"

Monday, October 28, 2013

MindTrip Magazine Issue 16 Now Available!

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Free Seminar: The Secret Brain Trick for Automatic Success

By Natalie Ledwell / Source: Mind Movie Matrix

Hi! I'm Natalie Ledwell. You may know me from Mind Movies or maybe one of the seminars I have spoken at.

Now I have a question for you today. Have you ever wondered why some people seem to always have it easy in life? They get the perfect job without even really looking for it or can make sales without even trying? Maybe they can attract an awesome mate despite not being a very nice person or can eat anything they want without ever getting fat.

If those kinds of people bother you, you're not alone. Now there was a time where they used to infuriate me too… until I asked myself, "Why don't I see what they're doing differently so I can have the same benefits?" I'd been working so hard my whole life and I thought, "Well, I might as well try something new."

In fact, some of the most hardworking, talented, and good-natured people I know barely can pay their rent or put food on the table. It almost seems like there's an invisible wall blocking them from really achieving their dreams. Have you ever felt like that?

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Saturday, October 26, 2013

How to Double Your Memory Power in 5 Minutes

By Gary Busey/ Source: Power Memory Formula

I like to share with you a very simple memory releasing technique that will double your brain's short term memory capacity to develop photographic memory while you're on your way to work tomorrow.

The technique is simple.

Here goes:

As you're on your way to work, for a duration of 5 minutes... at every 30 seconds you glance quickly at something passing by then look away...

...and then try to remember what you saw as vividly as you can.

Do this simple exercise 5 minutes each day for the next 5 days and you'll double your short term memory's capacity in no time.

Power Memory Formula Power Memory

Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Man Who Remembered The Future

Did sci-fi author Philip K. Dick see the future? Could he literally have been precognitive? This is one of the conclusions of a new biography by the consciousness theorist Anthony Peake.

It's been over thirty years since the writer's death, but fascination for the work of Philip K. Dick continues to grow with more than ten major Hollywood movies based on his novels and short stories, including Blade Runner, Total Recall, Minority Report and The Adjustment Bureau.

Peake's new biography shines further light on the man himself, attempting to both sift the details of his complex personal life and penetrate the unique inner life that fuelled his work with something that may have been more than merely imagination.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Universe Is Evolving Like A Giant Brain

The idea of the universe as a 'giant brain' has been proposed by scientists - and science fiction writers - for decades.

But now physicists say there may be some evidence that it's actually true. In a sense.

According to a study published in Nature's Scientific Reports, the universe may be growing in the same way as a giant brain - with the electrical firing between brain cells 'mirrored' by the shape of expanding galaxies.

The results of a computer simulation suggest that "natural growth dynamics" - the way that systems evolve - are the same for different kinds of networks - whether its the internet, the human brain or the universe as a whole.

Monday, October 21, 2013

How to Get Ideas From Imaginary Friends

By Steve Gillman,
Author of
Secrets of Lucky People
Sometimes we're at our most creative when interacting with others. We sit talking to friends and each feeds off the other's ideas. Plus, a discussion can really clarify things. But what about when you're alone, or don't want to share your ideas yet? How can you stimulate creativity and find
elegant solutions to problems?

Try Talking To Albert Einstein.
Talk to Andrew Carnegie or Lee Iacocca if your problem has to do with making a factory more productive. Questions about love can be addressed to the Dalai Lama. The idea is to have conversations in your head with anyone who can help.

Why do


Saturday, October 19, 2013

5 Bizarre Effects Sex Has On Your Brain

Sex -- we all love it. It makes our brains feel a sudden, almost overwhelming sense of joy that quickly fades us back to our lame realities.

That's not all sex does, though. Turns out sex can make our brains do weird things, some of which millions of dollars of research and top scientific minds can't even figure out yet. Some of these effects are actually pretty terrifying, for example…

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

How to Use the Power of Gratitude to Change Your Life

By Valerie Dawson, Certified Hypnotherapist
Creator of 
Hypnotic Visualization Guided Audios

Most often when people use gratitude to attract abundance, they focus on a general feeling of gratitude – about anything – because just feeling a sense of gratitude immediately brings them into energetic alignment with increased abundance. This is a very effective way to use the essence of gratitude, but it's not the only way.

Today we're going to explore another way that is even more specific to the outcomes and experiences you wish to create in your life.

Attract Wealth With Your Mind!

18 Ways to Join the Illuminati

So, you want to join a secret cabal of mysterious forces that make up the Illuminati. Granted it has for some a "romantic" appeal. Granted that appeal may be filled with fear but it's a concept they hold on to in spite of reason. Here are the steps that anyone can use to gain admittance into the most powerful club in the world.

Let's suppose that in spite of reason and logic an Illuminati does exist and you were one of the rare people who wanted to join it. By joining the Illuminati you could build an empire that increased your personal holdings while further subjugating the uninformed masses of humanity.Let's further assume that you were not born into the so-called "blood lines of the Illuminati" to whom access is most easily granted.

There must be a way to get "in".

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

4 Power Nap Mistakes That Kill Your Energy Buzz

Power naps are supposed to perk you up and give you the second wind you need to get through your day in a better mood. But are you getting the most out of the quick zzz's you take during your lunch break?

If you want to make the most out of your nap time and be that guy in the office who doesn't look like a zombie by the end of the day, then you'd better brush up on your power nap strategy to avoid the common mistakes below.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

How to Develop a Hypnotic Sleeper Agent

By Dantalion Jones, Author of Mind Control 101

Amid all the conspiracy theories one of the most feared is that there exist “sleeper agents” in our society who are programmed to come into service when they are triggered by a phone call or key word.

These alleged sleeper agents don’t even know they are programmed to become saboteurs, soldiers, suicide bomber, etc because of the thoroughness of their programming. They are the feared “Manchurian Candidate” that the movies portray.

The question is “Are they real?”

If they are true sleeper agents there is no way of telling until they are activated.  One can however theorize exactly how they are made.


Mind Control Audio

Monday, October 07, 2013

This Is Your Brain On Money

Money has the power to stir emotions and create drama fitting for a Shakespearean play. A raise in your salary gives you joy, but misery comes if you gamble your money away. You don't mind risk taking because it paves the way to future success, but you're panic-stricken when you lose money invested in stocks.

Then there is greed, one of the seven deadly sins in early Christian writings and the subject of a painting -- "The Seven Deadly Sins and the Four Last Things" -- that depicts greed as misers being boiled in a pot of gold.

Your brain wants you to be safe and alive, so it makes you go after basic human needs like food, shelter, love and the safety of a social group, i.e., family. But when you want to make money -- which often involves risk taking and calculating probabilities -- your brain doesn't necessarily feel safe.

Our brains are cravers: chocolate, ice cream and even alcohol. The brain doesn't want to bother with futuristic, "maybe" rewards. But the wise and smart parts of our brain will say: "Hold on, wait a minute, let's reassess" before we make a decision.

Friday, October 04, 2013

Silly Superstitions Can Reverse Bad Luck, Scientists Claim

Superstitious people may have been right all along as knocking on wood really could protect you against bad luck, scientists claim.

Those who perform long-held rituals such as throwing salt over their shoulder are less likely to worry about ill-fortune, according to researchers from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Superstitions reverse perceived bad fortune by making participants believe ill-fortune was less likely to happen.

Professor Jane Risen, of Chicago University, said knocking on wood seems to create the sense bad luck is being pushed away.

Money Magnet Meditations

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Whiners Are Bad For Your Brain

Do you hate it when people complain? It turns out there's a good reason: Listening to too much complaining is bad for your brain in multiple ways, according to Trevor Blake, a serial entrepreneur and author of Three Simple Steps: A Map to Success in Business and Life

In the book, he describes how neuroscientists have learned to measure brain activity when faced with various stimuli, including a long gripe session.

"The brain works more like a muscle than we thought," Blake says. "So if you're pinned in a corner for too long listening to someone being negative, you're more likely to behave that way as well."

Even worse, being exposed to too much complaining can actually make you dumb. Research shows that exposure to 30 minutes or more of negativity -- including viewing such material on TV -- actually peels away neurons in the brain's hippocampus. "That's the part of your brain you need for problem solving," he says. "Basically, it turns your brain to mush."

'Sex Slave' Hypnotist Jailed

A self-taught hypnotist who put a woman under his trance, telling her he was her master and she was his sex slave, has been jailed for degrading her.

Instead of helping his vulnerable victim with weight-loss and anxiety issues, ex-RAF man Timothy Porter took advantage of his skills to make her fondle her breasts while he committed a sex act on himself.

The grandfather, who had an unblemished record in the services spanning 24 years, was jailed for 18 months at Teesside Crown Court.

Top 10 Amazing Examples of Mind Over Matter

While we often think of our bodies and minds as two distinct entities, it turns out they are much more entwined than we might assume.

Researchers are continually finding evidence that the brain has a distinct power to manipulate the body's physiology.

As these 10 examples show, the mind/body connection can work in our favor or detriment, depending on our knowledge of a situation and our ability to control our thoughts.