Friday, April 29, 2011

Is the Government Mind Controlling TV Hosts?

By Tom Leonard
 / Daily Mail

A bizarre spate of television presenters dissolving into on-air gibberish has sparked claims that the U.S. military could be to blame.

In four high-profile cases, the latest involving fast-talking Judge Judy, the presenters have started off speaking properly but have then descended into undecipherable nonsense - looking confused and unstable. 

The frequency of the 'attacks' - and the fact that recorded examples of the mental meltdowns have been popular on websites - has led to conspiracy theorists pointing the finger at shadowy government experiments.

A popular theory being circulated online blames the U.S. Military’s supposed research into using microwaves as a mind control weapon.


The Dark History of Government Mind Control

By ABH Alexander / Source: Associated Content

The end of the cold war brought about an increased opportunity for bizarre experiments on unwitting civilian victims. Both sides wanted to find a way to control the other. Eventually the information on what kinds of
efforts were made would be purged from the dark files of several governments. The U.S. and the old USSR had been secretly engaging in a variety of technical, biological and mind control experiments.

A November 1992 Wall Street Journal (WSJ) article mentioned such a mind control operation performed jointly between the U.S and Canada beginning in 1955. Financed by the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) through a phony front organization called "The Investigation of Human Ecology," about $60-75,000 went to Dr. Ewen Cameron at McGill University in Montreal. Canada allegedly picked up the rest of the tab, about $200,000. Even though this is 1950's dollars considering the nature of covert funding there is no real way to know exactly how much was spent on this project.

Dr. Cameron was well respected in his field and headed the American Psychiatric Association between 1957-61. The good doctor believed he could change peoples' thoughts and coined the term "psychic driving" to describe how to do it.

The emphasis on this experiment was probably one stage of several as it focused on completely wiping out a persons memory. The next stage would likely be in reprogramming it, building it up with multiple personalities which could be triggered to perform a desired function like assassinations, sex, relaying messages, piloting an aircraft etc.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

How to Make the Hypnotic Gaze More Powerful

By Clifford Mee
Creator of The Power of Conversational Hypnosis

The Hypnotic Gaze Induction is powerful indeed and knowing how to use it will be a wonderful tool for you in your practices.  The hypnotic gaze induction in itself covers and accomplishes the 4 Stage Protocol all wrapped into one induction.

It does this through a series of phases which you will lead a person through using eye contact, body language and tone of voice.  A quick review of the four steps in the induction will help you to get into the mode for this article.

The first step in hypnotic gaze induction is to go first.  You will develop an instant rapport rich with feelings of comfort and good will.  You will put yourself in an outside trance to create external focus.

The second stage is to apply your hypnotic gaze.  In this you should display with your signals complete confidence in your ability to induce trance.  It is important to keep your gaze calm and clear, but most of all steady and unwavering.


Street Hypnosis Exposed

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stuart Wilde – The Mastery of Money

This video, filmed in 1986, might look out-of-date, but Stuart Wilde’s wisdom is still ahead of its time here in 2011. Wilde talks about money as energy, and teaches practical techniques on how to raise your energy quickly. Once you do that, he says, people will be naturally attracted to what you are. And when they show up, bill’em.

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Money Magnet Meditations

Monday, April 25, 2011

Plants Can Think and Remember

By Victoria Gill / Source: BBC News

Plants are able to "remember" and "react" to information contained in light, according to researchers.

Plants, scientists say, transmit information about light intensity and quality from leaf to leaf in a very similar way to our own nervous systems.

These "electro-chemical signals" are carried by cells that act as "nerves" of the plants.

In their experiment, the scientists showed that light shone on to one leaf caused the whole plant to respond.

And the response, which took the form of light-induced chemical reactions in the leaves, continued in the dark.

This showed, they said, that the plant "remembered" the information encoded in light.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Money Kills Pain Better Than Aspirin

Source: The Telegraph

Handling a wad of cash may be as good at killing pain than ibuprofen or aspirin, a new study suggests.

Researchers at the University of Minnesota carried out a series of studies which revealed those who counted money before taking part in an experiment where they were subjected to low levels of pain felt less discomfort than those who did not.

Its thought that fondling notes and coins helps ward off pain by boosting feelings of self-worth and self-sufficiency.

Previous studies have shown those with a greater sense of self-worth may be more likely to withstand pain.


Friday, April 22, 2011

3 Simple Steps to Boost Your Confidence

Source: The NLP Confidence Builder

Confidence is one thing that everyone wants more of. The funny thing about confidence is that we all have it in certain situations. But for most people, the area they feel lacking in confidence involves other people, so these exercises are designed for this purpose.

Each exercise takes only 5 minutes a day if you do it all at once, or longer if you spread it out. There are 3 steps to this exercise, each one designed to build a little more confidence each time.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Free Gift: 3 Free Subliminal MP3s

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Meditation vs. Medication: Your Path to Happiness?

By Laura Silva / Source: The Silva Method

As Silva students, we're fortunate enough to have tips and techniques that can naturally help us achieve happiness. This of course, include meditation, which is the key ingredient used in all of Silva Method's exercises.

Meditation helps us to relax our mind and body while giving us physical as well as inner peace. It heals stress, anxiety as well as depression.

We already know that engaging in activities that relieve you from stress, anxiety and depression, such as meditation, can reduce the negative energies in our system leading to happiness.

Unfortunately, there are still so many out there who have yet to experience its wondrous benefits.

So, in their quest to achieve happiness, they try various methods that may include medication, drugs and other adrenaline-rushing activities which just aren't healthy in the long run.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Do You Have Free Will? Computer Says No

Your subconscious makes decisions for you up to 6 seconds before you "think" you do. In fact, a scientist watching an MRI of your brain can tell you what choice your going to make 6 seconds before you consciously make the choice:

Watch the video of this experiment here...

So what does this say about our free will?

Well, it means that perhaps who we are is dictated less by the choices we make, and more by the information we take in.

If we think of your brain like a computer, imagine what would happen if we opened up every program at once and overloaded it with more functions than it could possibly process at one time. It would slow down and probably crash.

This is sort of in a way like your conscious mind, you can work with information, recall it, anylize it, and reason in your consciousness, but your attention span is only so limited, as is your ability to process too much information at one time. You might be able to handle 1 game of chess, but you probably can not play 800 games of chess at the same time, its just too much information to focus your attention on.


Mind Control 101

Sunday, April 17, 2011

How Your Brain Sees the Future

By Melissa Burkley, Ph.D. / Source: Psychology Today

In Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass, the White Queen tells Alice that in her land, "memory works both ways." Not only can the Queen remember things from the past, but she also remembers "things that happened the week after next." Alice attempts to argue with the Queen, stating "I'm sure mine only works one way...I can't remember things before they happen." The Queen replies, "It's a poor sort of memory that only works backwards."
How much better would our lives be if we could live in the White Queen's kingdom, where ours memory would work backwards and forewords? For instance, in such a world, you could take an exam and then study for it afterwards to make sure you performed well in the past. Well, the good news is that according to a recent series of scientific studies by Daryl Bem, you already live in that world!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Photos of Sick People Boost Your Immunity

By Douglas Kenrick / Psychology Today

Is it good for your health to see me coughing, sneezing and blowing my runny nose? Believe it or not, recent research suggests that the answer might be: Yes.

Of course, it's not good for your health if I sneeze right into your face. You're better off not being exposed to all those disease-causing microbes in the first place. But if you are exposed to those microbes, your immune system is going to have to fight them off; and it may fight them off more aggressively if you've just been looking at people who look diseased. That's the implication of some new results published by scientists at the University of British Columbia.

The researchers asked young adults to watch a 10-minute slide show containing a series of unpleasant photographs. Some of these participants looked at pictures of people who looked obviously sick in some way (people with pox and rashes, people coughing and sneezing and blowing mucus out of their noses).


One Minute Cure for Cancer

How to See Yourself Ten Years in the Future

By Christopher Westra
Creator of the Manifesting & Thought Control Audio Package

Objective: See in your mind's eye where you really want to be in ten years time. Choose your own values, activities, and relationships rather than copying others.

Complete this exercise that I’ve done with thousands of people to learn what you really want in life. This is your chance to dream and create in your imagination anything you want to do or be!

My Own Experience with the Ten Years Exercise

While working with troubled teens, I used to have them do a Ten Years in the Future exercise. I asked them to write a letter to a friend as if it was ten years in the future. Most of these boys and girls didn't think about the next week, much less ten years to come. Like the Cheshire cat says in Alice in Wonderland, "If you don't know where you want to go, then it doesn't really matter what road you take!"

Of course, this lack of "foresight" was a major reason their lives were pretty messed up. We had some great conversations as they really thought about what they wanted. For most of them, this was the first time they had ever thought this way!

But the real story is what happened to me. I did the exercise right along with them on many occasions, writing my dreams and visions in detail. In my letter to a friend, I had moved to the country, built my own home, become a black belt in the martial arts, authored a book, and started my own business working from home.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Look at Four Psychological Fads

By Eric Jaffe / Source: Los Angeles Times
Now and then, a new psychology movement bursts onto the popular scene and shakes up the mental health establishment.

Typically these efforts tickle the fringe of accepted science, buoyed by celebrities and alternative therapy enthusiasts -- which is to say, they often settle in California.

Some, like est or primal therapy, traffic in mental transformation. Others, like Transcendental Meditation, whisper of ancient wisdom.

Still others, like lucid dreaming, have echoes of science fiction. While the extent of their legacies varies, these four movements have all stood the test of time. So where are they now?


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How to Be Outstanding in Any Situation

Steve G. Jones, Clinical Hypnotherapist 
Co-creator of Wealth Trigger

As my gift to you, I would like to give you something you can use today. You will be amazed at how many times what I'm about to share will come in handy, if you use it.

This technique is called anchoring. Today, anchoring is generally considered part of the body of knowledge known as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) which has its roots in Pavlovian behavior modification. You remember Pavlov. He was the Russian scientist who, in about the year 1900, made dogs salivate by ringing a bell.

Here's how he did it: He would start by ringing a bell while letting dogs smell meat powder. They would salivate from smelling the meat powder. Eventually, he only needed to ring a bell and this alone caused the dogs to salivate. The dogs had associated the bell with hunger. The bell was an anchor for salivation. Pretty simple, huh?

Unfortunately, you are exposed to this form of conditioning every day.

Did you know that TV commercial makers use anchoring to manipulate you? TV commercials will show you a sexy person smoking to cause you to associate (anchor) sexiness with smoking. Beer commercials are notorious for showing women in bikinis so that you will associate beer with sex. Fast food commercials show happy families clogging their arteries to cause you to associate eating garbage with being happy.

This technique has been used AGAINST you countless times.

Now, I'm going to hand you the keys to the car and let you take control of your anchoring. It is possible to apply this same basic technique to almost any problem. Smoking, overeating, nail biting, fear of public speaking, all of these conditions are treatable with NLP. On many of my hypnosis recordings, I use NLP to reinforce the positive change.


Free 10-minute Relaxation Audio

This free audio uses the power of binaural beats to help calm your mind. Learn more about the power of binaural beats to relax and enhance your brain here...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Meditation Relieves Pain Better Than Drugs

By Anne Harding, CNN

You don't have to be a Buddhist monk to experience the health benefits of meditation. According to a new study, even a brief crash course in meditative techniques can sharply reduce a person's sensitivity to pain.

In the study, researchers mildly burned 15 men and women in a lab on two separate occasions, before and after the volunteers attended four 20-minute meditation training sessions over the course of four days. During the second go-round, when the participants were instructed to meditate, they rated the exact same pain stimulus -- a 120-degree heat on their calves -- as being 57 percent less unpleasant and 40 percent less intense, on average.

"That's pretty dramatic," says Fadel Zeidan, Ph.D., the lead author of the study and a postdoctoral researcher at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The reduction in pain ratings was substantially greater than those seen in similar studies involving placebo pills, hypnosis, and even morphine and other painkilling drugs, he adds.


Silva Mind Body Healing

Saturday, April 09, 2011

7 Steps to Opening the Third Eye

By A. Thomas Perhacs, Creator of Chi Power Training

The third eye, also called the inner eye or the mind's eye, allows you to observe the world in a manner similar to as you do in your dreams, even with closed eyes. The opening of the third eye heightens your sensitivity, and the working of the mind attains a great balance.

There is a certain procedure that needs to be followed step-by-step in order to open this third eye of yours. And in order to unlock the door of intuitive powers, you are required to master your mind.

Anything in this world is possible if you have a strong belief. You can open the third eye if only you have a strong belief that it exists. The eye can easily be opened even while being conscious. Once you become aware of its presence, the next plan of action should be to know the details of purusa (attentional principle). This principle helps you to understand the importance of separating your dreams with your logic and assumptions. This is important for the sole functioning of the third eye.


Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Who Wants to Be a Billionaire?

By Duncan Greenberg / Forbes

Are billionaires born or made? What are the common attributes among the uber-wealthy? Are there any true secrets of the self-made?

We get these questions a lot, and decided it was time to go beyond the broad answers of smarts, ambition and luck by sorting through our database of wealthy individuals in search of bona fide trends. We analyzed everything from the billionaires' parents' professions to where they went to school, their track records in the early stages of their careers and other experiences that may have put them on the path to extreme wealth.

Our admittedly unscientific study of the 657 self-made billionaires we counted in February for our list of the World's Billionaires yielded some interesting results.


Saturday, April 02, 2011

The Art & Science of Sexual Magic

By Damon Lycourinos / Source: New Dawn Magazine

Sex… a word with multiple meanings, manifestations and images that expresses the most fundamental instinct of the animal kingdom. For us mortals sexuality is the expression of how we experience ourselves as sexual beings biologically, physically, emotionally and so on.

The implication of this word, so popular it is the most searched for on the internet, can cover nearly all aspects of the human condition, embracing cultural, political, philosophical and spiritual issues. Regarding human sexuality, Leonardo Boccadoro and Sabina Carulli state:

Human sexuality is not simply imposed by instinct or stereotypical conducts, as it happens in animals, but it is influenced both by superior mental activity and by social, cultural, educational and normative characteristics of those places where the subjects grow up and their personality develops. Consequently, the analysis of sexual sphere must be based on the convergence of several lines of development such as affectivity, emotions and relations.

However, apart from being the source of life, it can also mutate into a harbinger of demise for some. An endless tale of pleasure and obsession, evoking sublime beauty that can so easily become one’s worst nightmare. Some of the greatest achievements of humankind have been inspired by this primordial urge and sensation. It has dictated the course of history, both materially and immaterially. A wonder of human existence that has yet to be fully unravelled.


Friday, April 01, 2011

Were Merlin's Prophecies Guided by Aliens?

Source: Huliq

The new book “Merlin: Knowledge and Power Through the Ages,” by British research professor Stephen Knight offers a new translation of “The Prophecies of Merlin” that, among other insights about pre-Medieval England, says the wizard used UFO sightings and Alien visits to sure-up the Arthurian legend.

The real “Merlin” is not fiction, and not just a clever name computer geeks use for tech-gadgets. He was a real man who served as King Arthur’s advisor at a dark period in the pre-Middle Ages when people need some “out of world” savior who were alien beings that helped Arthur, says one of England’s most distinguished professors in English Literature and lore of the Dark Ages.