Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The 12-year-old Nostradamus of 1913

Source: Daily Mail

It was the year King George V was on the throne, the Morris Oxford two-seater car went on sale and frustrated suffragettes set fire to public property.

Against this backdrop, a 12-year-old schoolboy turned his thoughts to the future – and wrote down a list of predictions about life in the year 2000.

Edgar Codling, of Hillington, Norfolk, believed that by the turn of the century, aeroplanes would be as common as cars and bicycles would be cheap.

And he predicted a boom in leisure travel as well as an increase in affordable popular newspapers.


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Being Too Nice Will Backfire

By Clifford N. Lazarus, Ph.D. / Source: Psychology Today

Sally's husband was often abusive. One morning, over breakfast, Hank began yelling at her because she was on the phone instead of keeping him company. Later, after Hank went to work, Sally picked up his shirts from the laundry, ran some other errands for him, and decided to cook his favorite dish for dinner.  Do you think Sally did the right thing?

Sally, alas, believed that if she could only create an ideal loving home atmosphere, her husband's abusiveness would stop. Unfortunately, she was in fact rewarding her husband's negative behavior. In response to his outbursts, Hank found his chores done for him and he was served his favorite dinner. Why would he change his treatment of his wife when she responds so positively?

The events that follow an action will weaken or strengthen the likelihood it will occur again. In behavioral psychology, this is called the "Law of Effect" and states that behavior varies as a function of its consequences.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Set Ambitious Goals to Be Happier

By Courtney Rubin / Source: Inc.

As if you needed another reason to aim high: Ambition makes you happier, says new research.
People who set themselves ambitious goals tend to be more satisfied than those with lower expectations, says a study published online in the Journal of Consumer Research.

University of California-Riverside professorCecile K. Cho conducted two experiments, one involving stock-picking and another involving puzzles, to compare people who set ambitious goals to those who set more conservative goals. She then measured the level of satisfaction with the achieved goals, and found those who set high goals for themselves were happier in the long run.

"The moral of the story is don’t sell yourself short," Cho said. "Aim high."


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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Zapping the brain with magnets makes it impossible to lie

Source: Daily Mail

If truth be told, magnetic interference with the brain makes it impossible to lie. At least, that’s what a group of Estonian researchers are claiming.

They found that when magnets were applied to either the right or left side of the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, found directly behind your forehead, it made you lie or tell the truth, depending on which side was stimulated.

When magnetic interference was directed at another part of the brain, the parietal lobe, the subjects’ decision-making remain unchanged.

‘Spontaneous choice to lie more or less can be influenced by brain stimulation,’ researchers Inga Karton and Talis Bachmann wrote in Behavioural Brain Research.


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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

15 Secret Abilities of Chi Power & ESP

By A. Thomas Perhacs / Creator of Chi Power Training

When one thinks of Chi Power Training or Qigong, the concept of developing Extra Sensory Perception or ESP becomes a very real possibility. How does a physical exercise like Chi Power Training or Qigong relate to the development of Psychic abilities or ESP?

The one key factor that one must realize is that physical "Internal" training can have a direct result on mental capabilities as it relates to ESP.

The reason is that when you combine certain physical exercises with mental exercises, you create a way to tap into the inner resources of the Mind, Body connection.

Many have searched far and wide to learn these supposed secret abilities. These "secrets" are really returning the body back to the way it was when we were younger and had perception.As we get older, we come to dismiss the abilities we had as children.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Download 3 Free Hypnosis MP3s

Source: Natural Hypnosis

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Why 'Unrealistic' Goals Are Easier to Achieve

By Timothy Ferris,
Excerpt from The 4-Hour Work Week

I had to bribe them. What other choice did I have?

My lecture at Princeton had just ended with smiles and enthusiastic questions.

At the same time, I knew that most students would go out and promptly do the opposite of what I preached. Most of them would be putting in 80-hour weeks as high-paid coffee fetchers unless I showed that the principles from class could actually be applied.

Hence the challenge.

I was offering a round-trip ticket anywhere in the world to anyone who could complete an undefined “challenge” in the most impressive fashion possible. Results plus style. I told them to meet me after class if interested, and here they were, nearly 20 out of 60 students.

The task was designed to test their comfort zones while forcing them to use some of the tactics I teach. It was simplicity itself: contact three seemingly impossible-to-reach people—J Lo., Warren Buffett, Bill Clinton, J.D. Salinger, I don’t care—and get at least one to reply to three questions…

Of 20 students, all frothing at the mouth to win a free spin across the globe, how many completed it?

Exactly… none. Not a one.


Friday, September 09, 2011

The Triggers of Mind Control

By Paul J. Mascetta / Creator of The Code of Influence

People are everywhere. That’s why being persuasive determines how effective we are. Where we live, what we do, and even who we love involves influence on one level or another. And by learning the art of “dealing with and convincing people to do what you want them to do”, we can instantly improve our lives.

With so much information around us and so many decisions to make every single day, there isn’t enough time to evaluate everything rationally. And so we rely on subconscious shortcuts to make things easier.

This is why, as irrational beings, we’re susceptible to mental triggers. “People are definitely more likely to believe what you say, based on logic,” Mascetta admits, “but ultimately it is their emotion that will move them to take action.”


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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

The Army's Plan for Telepathic Soldiers

By Adam Piore / Source: Discover Magazine

On a cold, blustery afternoon the week before Halloween, an assortment of spiritual mediums, animal communicators, and astrologists have set up tables in the concourse beneath the Empire State Plaza in Albany, New York. The cavernous hall of shops that 
connects the buildings in this 98-acre complex is a popular venue for autumnal events: Oktoberfest, the Maple Harvest Festival, and today’s “Mystic Fair.”

Traffic is heavy as bureaucrats with ID badges dangling from their necks stroll by during their lunch breaks. Next to the Albany Paranormal Research Society table, a middle-aged woman is solemnly explaining the workings of an electromagnetic sensor that can, she asserts, detect the presence of ghosts. Nearby, a “clairvoyant” ushers a government worker in a suit into her canvas tent. A line has formed at the table of a popular tarot card reader.

Amid all the bustle and transparent hustles, few of the dabblers at the Mystic Fair are aware that there is a genuine mind reader in the building, sitting in an office several floors below the concourse. This mind reader is not able to pluck a childhood memory or the name of a loved one out of your head, at least not yet. But give him time. He is applying hard science to an aspiration that was once relegated to clairvoyants, and unlike his predecessors, he can point to some hard results.


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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

How to Lose 20 Pounds on your Vacation

By Michael Park / Escape From America Magazine

There are many things that remind me that I’m back in America when I return from a trip abroad. These include yellow Crown Victoria cabs waiting to pick up weary travelers and soft sesame bagels with cream cheese. However, there is one thing that always tells me, without a doubt, that I’ve returned to America. Obesity.

It’s everywhere: the rotund security guard at the flight gate, the triple-chinned customs official, that lady in the pink sweat-suit waddling over to Ben & Jerry’s. A Frenchman might return to Charles de Gaulle International, smell freshly baked French pastries, and get that distinct sensation that he has returned to the motherland. I get that same feeling when I witness someone devour two entire sleeves of oreos en route to baggage claim.

Our culture of supersized meals, cars, and desk-bound jobs has created a perfect storm of empty calories and sedentary lifestyles that make us lethargic and bloated. I know this because I was once like that – I speak from experience as a “former fat guy.”

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