Monday, May 30, 2016

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Almost Super Human

Self-Development Author's Self-Published Book Selling for $1,000 on Amazon

Self-development author Jason Mangrum self- published a book in 2011 that is now in such high demand, Amazon retailers are selling it for over $1,000.

Earlier this week, Mangrum was going through his daily business routine, and checked to see if there were any new reviews posted on Amazon for his book. But what he noticed on the web site, shocked him.
Amazon had increased the price of his Paperback to $149.50 for a used copy, and new copies were selling from $715.91 up to $1,111.62 per copy.

The book had become a coveted collectors' item.

While the book is selling digital copies at $19.95, the Paperback version of the bestseller "Uberman" from nearly five years ago carries a value that most world-class bestselling literary works of art have not yet achieved.

"I'm really not sure how it happened," explained Jason. "I just stopped ordering proof copies a couple years ago and didn't think much about it. Then suddenly demand spikes for the paperback and there isn't enough supply to meet it. So the book's value skyrockets. That's my best guess. Now it's a rare item."

The book is entitled, "Uberman: Almost Super Human." It's a popular self- development book that claims to unlock mysterious mind powers and super-natural abilities in readers who practice the techniques described.

Mangrum has just published a new book called "The Mind Hack Recipe Book: 7 Proven Techniques for Amazing Mind Powers" and is currently in talks with major publishers over a publishing deal for his new book, which features a foreword written by Dr. Joe Vitale, #1 bestselling author and star of the hit movie, “The Secret.”

Almost Super HumanHow to Become Super Human!

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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Mind Over Pain - The Best Way to End Chronic Pain

Think Away Your Pain
I healed from three years of chronic pain using nothing but my mind, after trying many other treatment approaches (which were all unsuccessful). I learned this unique method from a medical pioneer named Dr. John Sarno.

If you have pain that has lasted more than six months, and you’re still looking for a solution to help you cure the pain, I encourage you to learn more about Dr. John Sarno and his unique method of healing chronic pain with your mind.

I will add more to this page of the website in the future, but here is a great start. Go ahead and check out the following books (I’ve read all of them), videos, and websites, to see if any of this stuff resonates with you. This method might not be for you, but it could be the answer you’ve been waiting for. I wish you the best on your journey healing from chronic pain.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to Be Liked By Everyone

I recently discovered an incredible secret ‘AutoMagnetism’ method that will MAKE other people admire and respect you EVEN IF they never seemed to listen to you before.

It’ll make people naturally want to gravitate towards you, to listen to your ideas and to talk very highly about you even when you’re not around. 

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This will make people want to do nice things to impress you. People who know you well will not be able to put their finger on it, but will see you as an example of someone they want to be more like.

In fact, from this point on, you’ll be seen as a person of high value. You’ll be well liked by everyone, that includes your work colleagues, your boss, your romantic partner, your family and your friends.

It’s almost like discovering that the world is round (when you previously thought it was flat), because this AutoMagnetism secret will open your eyes to the life you were meant to be living, and to unlocking your charismatic BEST SELF…

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This incredible secret causes other people to be naturally drawn to you, smile more when you’re around, and naturally want to listen to you more and enjoy spending time with you.

And leads to dramatically better success in all areas of life including your career, your family life, and your overall happiness and self-esteem.

Likeability BlueprintAnd you could start seeing results as soon as tonight if you really want to get cracking applying this secret.

Imagine what it will feel like when your life is back on the right track. You’re living a life full of purpose, where others like and admire you, and you’re able to also give back and make other people’s lives better in the process!...

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Only Habit You Need to Succeed

Create your Future
I’m tired of seeing people ride the struggle bus.

Personally, I’d like to sneak in overnight to the parking lot, and just blow the thing up.

It gets really frustrating when you see people with so much talent, value, and passion continually struggle to create lasting momentum and generate enough money to become self-reliant.

So, I want to start a movement in defiance of the struggle, a counterstrike of fierce optimism and resolve to show up, even in the midst of doubt, overwhelm and uncertainty.

Opulence for Life, by Winter Vee

MindTrip Magazine
Review of 
Opulence For Life

It's been a long journey from the day my company went bust and I declared bankruptcy for the second time. And I want to tell you, it has been absolutely worth it. Every failure only made me stronger. Of course, that wasn't how I felt at the time.

Back in the day, I shared a business with three friends. Everything was going well until one of them embezzled money and ran off. So that business went under as we didn't have enough to sustain it. Then I decided not to trust anyone anymore, and started my own business after a couple of years. I thought it would be perfect this time, but I was constantly exhausted by the workload, and kept falling sick. My wife didn't know the industry enough to help keep it running, and eventually I had to close the business due to lack of manpower.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Free Webinar -- Rewrite the Blueprint of Your Brain for Life-Long Success, Happiness and Prosperity

I wanted to personally invite you to a special training Morry Zelcovitch is holding on "How to rewrite the blueprint of your brain for wealth, success and happiness".

Morry is the world's first certified brainwave entrainment engineer. The training is Tuesday, May 24 at 12:30 PM Eastern Time.

This is going to be such an incredible time for you to hear directly from Morry about his new breakthough technology Brainprints, and how you can use it to literally rewrite the blueprint of your brain for wealth, health, success and happiness.

BrainPrints is going to set a NEW CATEGORY in the field of self-improvement.

So if you are interested in using this innovative tool to change your life for the better, don't miss this great chance to learn from and talk to the developer himself.

My Grandma was a victim of CIA Mind Control Experiments

Mind Control
What is it like to have a grandmother who underwent CIA mind control experiments? For Sarah-Anne Johnson, a Canadian-based artist who has been making time-based work on this subject for the past ten years, it's gaining a better understanding of the unpredictable mood swings and abrupt temper tantrums she grew up with.

In 1956, her grandmother, Velma Orlikow, checked into Montreal's Allan Memorial Institute for postpartum depression. Orlikow was treated by renowned psychiatrist Doctor Ewen Cameron, whose controversial "de-patterning" treatment—prolonged, drug-induced sleep comas, followed by multiple doses of electroshock therapy—turned out to be a part of Project MKUltra.

How to Become an Idea Machine

The way to have good ideas is to get close to killing yourself. It's like weightlifting. When you lift slightly more than you can handle, you get stronger.

In life, when the gun is to your head, you either figure it out, or you die.

When you cut yourself open, you bleed ideas. If you're broke and close to death, you have to start coming up with ideas.

If you destroy your life, you need to come up with ideas to rebuild it.

The only time I've been FORCED to have good ideas is when I was up against the wall. My life insurance policy was like a gun to my head: "Come up with good ideas… OR ELSE your kids get your life insurance!"

Is Semen an Antidepressant?

By Jennifer Abbasi / Source: Popular Science

Back in 2002, psychologists at the State University of New York at Albany published a study in the Archives of Sexual Behavior looking at the potential role of semen in alleviating depression in women.

The researchers presented evidence supporting an earlier hypothesis that the hormones in semen have a mood-boosting effect on women. For any woman who has had sex -- and enjoyed it -- this may not come as a huge surprise.

Cut to this past February. Lazar Greenfield, the incoming president of the American College of Surgeons (ACS), wrote a short Valentine's Day-themed editorial about mating in Surgery News. In it, he discussed the sex lives of fruit flies, rotifers and humans. He cited the SUNY Albany study before concluding: "So there's a deeper bond between men and women than St. Valentine would have suspected, and now we know there's a better gift for that day than chocolates." That gift, of course, being semen.


Friday, May 20, 2016

How To Tune Your Brain For Riches

What if I told you that there was a secret dial in your brain...

And that all you had to do was turn it...

Set it to "Rich" instead of "Poor"...

And you'd have the life of wealth and abundance you've always dreamed of?

Sounds too good to be true?

Well here's the thing...

A world renowned doctor has just developed a game-changing technology that's transforming the lives of thousands around the world...

Helping them "tune into" the life of their dreams.

Click here to claim your FREE access and learn more about this incredible technology.

In fact, big name celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, Matt Damon, David Beckham, and Julia Roberts...

Have gone on record to say that they owe their careers to this method.

For years, only the rich and powerful have had access to the technology you're about to get your hands on.

Now, for the first time ever, Dr. Steve G. Jones is making it available for the masses.

And start tuning your brain for limitless wealth.

You're about to get your hands on a groundbreaking technology that will allow you to:
- Trigger an INSTANT positive change in your life...
- Open your mind to reveal endless opportunities for success...
- Increase your productivity by 129%, allowing you to get more done in less time...
- Receive the abundance of wealth you truly deserve...

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Union of the Body, Mind and Spirit

Source: Zenward

You know what never really made sense to me?

The traditional approach to health that looks at "body," "mind," and "spirit" and separate things.

To neglect the inter-dependence of these spheres is to me, a huge mistake, and shows a weak understanding of the holistic nature of human experience.

Your mental state deeply affects your physical health...

How else could stress be such a huge cause of disease?

Just like how holding physical tension in your body, causes you to feel that tension in your mind... affecting the way you think and act.

If being healthy is important to you, I'd advise adopting a holistic approach that accepts the simple truth... that you are the union of body, mind, and spirit.

And if there's one practice that encompasses that truth, it's Yoga.

So today, I'd like to personally invite you to join me, and over 5,000 members in Mindvalley's latest venture, Zenward - The School of True Yoga.

Mindvalley is one of the world's leading personal growth companies, and is renowned for doing things differently.

Their Yoga school, Zenward is no exception.

Because at Zenward you will learn Yoga in its true form...

Not your typical glossy California yoga, but an approach to health and wellness that works on the physical, the mental, and the spiritual aspects that all combine to determine your overall health.

Zenward members support each other, share experiences, and get incredible results in how they look and feel.

I'd love for you to become a member at Zenward, because I know just how big a difference it will make to your life.

Hope to see you in the members' area :-)

Monday, May 16, 2016

Eat, Pray, Pollute: The Downside of Yoga Tourism

On a recent morning in Rishikesh, India, hundreds gathered on yoga mats to pray, meditate and stretch along the banks of the Ganges River (or Ganga, as locals call it).

Barefoot, clad in yoga pants, breezy blouses, and wide smiles, they bowed toward the river, long a sacred source of inspiration and life for millions who live along its banks. "Bathe in the spirituality of Ganga," the website for the International Yoga Festival beckons.

Download Your Free Wealth Attracting MP3

I have some exciting news to share with you today.

For years, I have been looking for something that could combine ALL the BEST elements of the most advanced self help technologies such as brainwave entrainment, hypnosis, subliminals to create something so powerful that can literally change the blueprint of your brain simply by listening.

Well, after so many years of scientific research, my friend Morry Zelcovitch--world's first brainwave entrainment engineer has come out such a new technology that is going to start a new era of self help industry.

It is called "Brainprints".

It literally rewires your brain with a new blueprint for wealth, health, love, success or anything else you truly desire.

Morry has allowed me to send you a free Brainprints MP3 that is going to help you change the blueprint of your brain for prosperity.

It's abslutely free--for limited time only.

It Helps You Program Your Mind For Wealth and Abundance LITERALLY...

-Instantly feel like a millionaire even before that becomes reality
-Attract money-making opportunities into your life automatically
Prosperity Meditation-Install a rich-mindset deeply into your subconscious mind so that money flows into your life unstoppably
-Completely change your relationship with money, you will have a totally new perspective about money that will guarantee to make you rich
-Naturally generate wealth creation ideas that turn into money making opportunities to create multiple streams of income for you year in year out.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Free Guide -- 10 Steps to Lucid Dreaming

What if you could experience the freedom of flying like Superman? What if you could meet and have conversations with people like Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Salvador Dali or Ghandi? What if you could travel to anywhere in time or space?

What if you could easily discover your own personal life purpose? What if you could practice real-life skills in your mind, just like Neo in the Matrix? What about safely and easily overcoming fears and phobias… exploring new worlds, or accessing life-changing information from your subconscious?

This is the power of Lucid Dreaming. See, Lucid dreamers have the ability to do all of these things, at will. They can take control of your dreams, and experience their dreams in a whole new way.

How to Lucid Dream Your Kinkiest Sex Fantasies

If you've always dreamed of having sex with Kurt Cobain, experts say you can just have sex with Kurt Cobain in your dreams.

When my friend Christina told me she was training herself to lucid dream so she could have sex with Kurt Cobain, I thought she was crazy. Christina has always been crazy in her own charming way, but this was next level.

I'm as skeptical of transcendental meditation as I am hypnotherapy, so the ability to control your dreams while you sleep, let alone control what iconic dead rock stars you would meet and have sex with in them, seemed impossible.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Humans Could Evolve to Live Forever

Death on Earth
It is a biological inevitability that just about every living organism will die—it's the how and the when that are up for debate. Some species barely make it to adulthood, while others go on for centuries. Ninety-nine percent of all species have already gone extinct. In nature, death is everywhere.

One might ask why this is so. After all, the ability to survive seems on the surface to be a pretty desirable trait to evolve. If something is around longer, wouldn't that give it more chances to reproduce? Could a species evolve to live longer and longer—until, eventually, it can live forever? On an even more fundamental level, how well defined are our basic notions of life and death to begin with?

Jules Howard—a zoologist, writer, and broadcaster based in the UK—tackles some of these questions in his new book, Death on Earth: Adventures in Evolution and Mortality. I reached out to him and we talked about it via Skype.

How to Meditate Like a Zen Monk

Source: Holothink

What I am going to share with you may sound unbelievable and simply too good to be true. And, that's why you must experience it for yourself.

Some years ago, I felt tired and drained at the end of a stressful day. A friend said, "I have just the thing for you. Here. Put on these headphones and listen." My friend -- Steve -- was into the latest gizmos and gadgets. He was one of the most successful people I knew. A genuinely happy guy -- healthy, upbeat, fun to hang out with.

And, he was always investing in these experimental toys -- this one cost a cool $395. I put on the headphones, closed my eyes and I listened. Within ten minutes I felt like I'd taken a 2 hour nap -- but without the groggy feelings of waking back into my day.

That was my first experience with the technology I'm going to share with you -- I found it truly amazing then and I find it more fascinating today. And I am certain you will have the same experience too -- when you try it.

Lucid dreams, altered states, deep relaxation, euphoria, enhanced creativity, accelerated learning, an improved ability to focus and concentrate, psychic abilities, elimination of insomnia and the symptoms of stress, and increased endorphin levels have all been attributed to the use of this technology.

Deep Zen Meditation

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Over 100 Ways to Boost Your Brain Power

Boost Brain Power
Whether you are a busy person or not, you can still increase your brain power. There are simple activities, believe it or not, that could help your brain to maintain its performance, or even improving it.

People in this modern world usually didn't have the time or simply didn't care about increasing their brain power. And most people still believes that IQ is static and can't change. However, your general intelligence, which is measured by IQ, is dynamic and changing in between some range.

No, I can't guarantee that by doing these things you will improve your IQ to 180. What I know for sure is that you can improve a few points by doing all these simple things. All you need is to be consistent and do it every day.

Monday, May 09, 2016

The Hidden Lives of Intelligent Trees

Hidden Life of Trees
From counting and learning to communicating and caring for each other, the secret lives of trees are wildly deep and complex.

"They can count, learn and remember; nurse sick neighbors; warn each other of danger by sending electrical signals across a fungal network known as the 'Wood Wide Web' – and, for reasons unknown, keep the ancient stumps of long-felled companions alive for centuries by feeding them a sugar solution through their roots."

These are just a few of the secrets that Peter Wohlleben, a German forest ranger and best-selling author, has learned about trees.

Sunday, May 08, 2016

A Simple Mind Trick to Switch Off Depression

By A. B. Curtiss
Author of Brainswitch Out of Depression

Taking drugs for depression often turns out to be a medical and emotional yo-yo. If one drug doesn’t work, says the American Psychiatric Association, try another. If you don’t get relief from changing one drug for another, use a combination. For a third of the population though, according to recent research, no drug works. It is heart-breaking to read how many sufferers, especially teen-agers, commit suicide even while on their meds.

There’s some light at the end of the tunnel. Physical exercise and cognitive behavioral therapy are now shown to be as effective as anti-depressants. The best cognitive behavioral technique I have found for depression is Brainswitching, which was developed from neuroscience research and brain mapping.

Brainswitching uses simple mind exercises to switch the neuronal activity from the emotional part of the brain (the subcortex) to the thinking part of the brain (the neocortex) which does not have the capacity for depression.


Friday, May 06, 2016

The Secret of Happiness in 8 Words

By Stuart Goldsmith, Excerpt from Seven Secrets of the Millionaires

You might like to know that the secret of happiness can be explained in just eight words and is, in fact, quite mundane. 

It does not involve meditation, drugs or self-flagellation. Each of the eight words is worth one million dollars, but here they are, free:

Tomorrow - Today - Live - For - Better - Working - A - While

Inner Circle Mentoring
What? You can't make sense of that? I gave you the words for free, but the correct order is going to cost you plenty...

Pause, while the anagram-freaks try to work it out themselves...

Got it? No? Okay, you'll have to read on...

Thursday, May 05, 2016

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