Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Temporary Tattoos for Telepathy and Telekinesis

Temporary electronic tattoos could soon help people fly drones with only thought and talk seemingly telepathically without speech over smartphones, researchers say.

Commanding machines using the brain is no longer the stuff of science fiction. In recent years, brain implants have enabled people to control robotics using only their minds, raising the prospect that one day patients could overcome disabilities using bionic limbs or mechanical exoskeletons.

But brain implants are invasive technologies, probably of use only to people in medical need of them. Instead, electrical engineer Todd Coleman at the University of California at San Diego is devising noninvasive means of controlling machines via the mind, techniques virtually everyone might be able to use.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

3 Ways to Hypnotize a Chicken

"I've been hypnotizing chickens since I was nine, when the county 4-H agent in Milwaukee showed me how," says Dr. Doris White, a Bernardsville, New Jersey, chicken farmer who is also professor of elementary education at William Paterson College and a chicken hypnotism instructor.

"When he taught me, I thought everyone knew how to hypnotize chickens." She was wrong. She points out that "some farmers are still surprised that a person can hypnotize chickens. But after they see me demonstrate how it's done, they go home and try it themselves"

Sunday, February 24, 2013

An Alternate Universe Will Eventually Destroy Ours

Remember that Higgs-like particle that scientists finally managed to pin down last year at the Large Hadron Collider? Well, it's proving to be a harbinger of bad news. According to Joseph Lykken, a theoretical physicist at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, the mass of the Higgs boson indicates that "the universe we live in is inherently unstable, and at some point billions of years from now it's all going to get wiped out."

Lykken made his statements at the recently concluded AAAS meeting in Boston, and has been subsequently reported by BBC, LiveScience, and others.

The problem, says Lykken, is the potential for vacuum instability — a phenomenon that could spawn an all-consuming alternate universe within our own. But the doomsday scenario is dependant on some precise numbers related to the Higgs. 

The Psychic Powers of Bigfoot?

Even though there have been thousands of sightings of the creature known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch there is really as yet no definitive proof that the creature actually exists. There are footprint casts, obscure video clips and images.

However, amidst all the sightings and encouters there is now some evidence that this mythical creature may possess psychic powers of sorts. Psychic Bigfoot? If the creature does actually exist that may be a possibility. We will look at what some of those that believe in a psychic Bigfoot claim as evidence of this theory.

Once you get past the standard Bigfoot encounters there are a number of bizarre psychic related theories floating around out there in regards to Bigfoot. For instance, that he is from another dimension and has the ability to shift over to that other dimension at will, that Bigfoot sightings are often accompanied by ufo phenomena and that Bigfoot is working with extraterrestrials, that Bigfoot is telepathic and has the ability to communicate with those it comes in contact with, that Bigfoot is a guardian of nature on planet earth and has been granted with special powers to that end.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How Meditation Relieves Pain and Depression

Meditation isn't only a way to relax or a throw-back to the 1960s when the Beatles first made the practice popular in the U.S.

In fact, in recent years, mainstream scientists have published several studies showing that mindfulness meditation, which is centered on being aware of the present moment by focusing on the body and breath sensations, can prevent and treat depression. Meditation has also been found to help chronic pain.

But what's going on in the body to produce these benefits? According to Brown University scientists, the answer appears to lie in how meditation changes the brain's rhythms.

Monday, February 18, 2013

3 Keys For Your Next Big Breakthrough

Source: Silva Life System

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It's from The Silva Method – one of the most established personal growth programs out there. We're talking tested and refined continuously since 1966, with over 6 million followers worldwide.

In fact, many say its creator, Jose Silva, was the man who brought the modern concept of mind empowerment to the West.

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Silva Exercises

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Creativity Is Now A Mental Illness

If you like to express yourself through painting, writing, or any other form of artistic action, scientists now say that you must be suffering from a mental illness of some kind.

In a new display of how truly insane the mainstream medical health paradigm has become, mainstream media outlets are now regurgitating the words of 'experts' who say that those who are creative are actually, more often than not, mentally ill.

After all, more than 50% of the United States is, by definition of the psychiatrists of the nation, mentally ill. Even questioning the government is considered a mental disorder.

Top 10 Mind-Blowing Movies


If there’s one thing movies do better than any other art form, it’s weirdness.

The combination of sight, sound, and music make for a perfect cocktail to take the audience away on a wild and spaced-out ride; and in recent years filmmakers have even started using film as a way to explore heady philosophical ideas like the nature of identity, time, and consciousness.

With this in mind, the following are ten movies that have some of the most far-out, inventive, and thought-provoking plotlines in film history. There are countless honorable mentions that could have easily made this list.


Friday, February 08, 2013

Beautiful Super Mind Music Album for Free!

Our friends at are feeling the love this Valentines week and they are looking to share it by giving away one of their most popular Super Mind Music Albums, Contemplation Stimulation.

The album will help you relax into peace and to concentrate. It enhances creativity, reading and learning as well as assisting profound deep thinking.
The album uses a brand new brainwave entrainment technique that means the BWE is barely audible, yet very effective.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Changing Limiting Beliefs: The Secrets Revealed

By Michael Lee, Creator of The Mind Control Course
Exclusive for MindTrip Magazine

The secret to move ahead in life is pretty simple. It is all about changing limiting beliefs into empowering ones. If you are able to do that successfully, there is no doubt you will be a far happier, confident and successful person.

Beliefs have the power to influence your outcome and destiny in life. But while positive beliefs can be extremely motivating and can help the individual get far ahead in life, negative beliefs always work the opposite way by holding people back and lowering their self esteem.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

The Island Where People Forget to Die

In 1943, a Greek war veteran named Stamatis Moraitis came to the United States for treatment of a combat-mangled arm. He'd survived a gunshot wound, escaped to Turkey and eventually talked his way onto the Queen Elizabeth, then serving as a troopship, to cross the Atlantic. Moraitis settled in Port Jefferson, N.Y., an enclave of countrymen from his native island, Ikaria. He quickly landed a job doing manual labor. Later, he moved to Boynton Beach, Fla. Along the way, Moraitis married a Greek-American woman, had three children and bought a three-bedroom house and a 1951 Chevrolet.

One day in 1976, Moraitis felt short of breath. Climbing stairs was a chore; he had to quit working midday. After X-rays, his doctor concluded that Moraitis had lung cancer. As he recalls, nine other doctors confirmed the diagnosis. They gave him nine months to live. He was in his mid-60s.

Moraitis considered staying in America and seeking aggressive cancer treatment at a local hospital. That way, he could also be close to his adult children. But he decided instead to return to Ikaria, where he could be buried with his ancestors in a cemetery shaded by oak trees that overlooked the Aegean Sea. He figured a funeral in the United States would cost thousands, a traditional Ikarian one only $200, leaving more of his retirement savings for his wife, Elpiniki. Moraitis and Elpiniki moved in with his elderly parents, into a tiny, whitewashed house on two acres of stepped vineyards near Evdilos, on the north side of Ikaria. 

At first, he spent his days in bed, as his mother and wife tended to him. He reconnected with his faith. On Sunday mornings, he hobbled up the hill to a tiny Greek Orthodox chapel where his grandfather once served as a priest. When his childhood friends discovered that he had moved back, they started showing up every afternoon. They'd talk for hours, an activity that invariably involved a bottle or two of locally produced wine. I might as well die happy, he thought.

Friday, February 01, 2013

How to Manifest a Winning Lottery Ticket

By Norah Sands / Source: Psychic Lottery Formula

You have found this article because you want to win the Lottery. Well I am about to tell you something that is so easy but so guaranteed to win if you follow all of the steps that I give you.

Because if you don't follow the steps and you don't put in the work then maybe you are just wasting your time because if you use a half hearted approach then you are never going to win anything let alone a Lottery worth lots of cash.