Monday, July 31, 2017

We Are Living in a Golden Age

If you think that there has never been a better time to be alive — that humanity has never been safer, healthier, more prosperous or less unequal — then you’re in the minority. But that is what the evidence incontrovertibly shows. 

Poverty, malnutrition, illiteracy, child labour and infant mortality are falling faster than at any other time in human history. The risk of being caught up in a war, subjected to a dictatorship or of dying in a natural disaster is smaller than ever. The golden age is now.

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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Free Issue of MindTrip Magazine Now Available

Freedom. Happiness. Weirdness. The latest issue of our new digital magazine is now available for Apple
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  • How to Convince People You Are Jesus
  • Is the Universe Conscious?
  • Do We Live in the Matrix?
  • 9 Steps to Hack Your Confidence
  • The Woman from a Parallel Universe
  • How to Not Give a F*** Like a Zen Master
  • Simple Enlightenment
  • News From the Future
  • WTF Videos
  • Weird Facts
  • and much more...

To celebrate the launch of the Android version of our magazine we are offering MindTrip Magazine completely FREE for a limited time. Simply download the free App in order to access one of several free issues!

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Success Is All Luck

By Craig Ballantyne

Luck has been in my corner since day one back in 1975.

I was extraordinarily lucky to be born in Canada into a lower-middle class family. When I was a child I was lucky enough to have an alcoholic, underachieving, embarrassing father who gave me the first chip on my shoulder, one that compelled me to work harder, achieve more, and go further so that I could escape his shadow.

I was also lucky that my mother had dropped out of high school and spent the rest of her life working for barely more than the minimum wage, never earning more than $28,000 in a year (an amount that I've made in a single day in my business on several occasions). I was lucky, because of her mistakes, that she would never let me make the same ones.

And boy was I lucky to have went to grade school with patches on my knees, for this caused me great embarrassment and instilled in me the drive to do better, to excel in school, to get into the best program in college, to make the Dean's Honour List three years in a row, to get accepted into a Master's program, to study until 10pm on weekends so I could earn a scholarship to help me pay for 6 years of post-secondary education- and so that I'd never feel embarrassed like that again.

It's as though I've had a horseshoe made out of rabbit's feet around my neck for these past thirty years.

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How to Heal Yourself for Ultimate Well-being

You want great health. But how do you achieve it?

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You know about eating healthful food, supplements, exercise, meditation, balanced emotions, etc. You are probably doing some if not all of these things. Right?!

But there is something you might be overlooking that could give you even greater vitality, long life, and robust health.

Are you effectively tapping the vast internal resources of your nonconscious mind?

We all have these incredible resources, but we often leave them to their own devices…or maybe happenstance…or maybe being triggered by other people or the news or work or traffic (you get the idea).

Research funded by the National Institute of Health suggests, "interventions that target non-conscious processes and are less reliant on reflective, conscious engagement have significant potential for changing behavior across populations."

Paul R. Scheele, Ph.D., co-founder of Learning Strategies, has been studying the workings of the genius mind for four decades. I have told you about his programs a number of times because I believe they are some of the best transformation material available.

Paul knows how to help you rally the internal resources. He knows how to get your nonconscious mind to support your hopes and dreams instead of sabotaging them.

In the new Brilliant Health video program, Paul addresses simple things you can do to bridge the gap from the conscious mind to the nonconscious mind.

This gets you out of limited thinking and beyond the realm of possibilities into a reality of connection where the incredible power of your nonconscious mind works in your best interest continually.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Hypnosis is the Celebrity Secret to, Well, Everything...

From morning sickness (Kate Middleton) to confidence boosting (Reese Witherspoon), it seems that every A-lister worth his/her Walk Of Fame gold star have all turned to the power of hypnosis to look and feel better.

Here’s what you need to know...

Monday, July 24, 2017

Become a published author in under 14 days!

Have you ever felt like you had a story to share with others?

A higher purpose to teach people, or connect with others going through the same journey?

Perhaps you just want a passive extra income that pays for a few fun things and takes the pressure off a bit...

Now there is a life-changing method that is helping ordinary people, like you and me, and helping people become published authors in as little as 14 days:

This top secret method will literally force that book out of your head and give you all the tools you need to create your bestselling novel in 14 days…

… Without the hard work and struggle.

You’ll achieve your lifelong dream of writing a novel… and making some extra income on the side to help support your other manifestation goals...

Even if you have never written before!

Just imagine how it will feel when your friends and family celebrate the success of your published book…

And you can add "published author" to your list of many life achievements!

… And turn your imagination into words that inspire!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Prosperity Secrets of the Universe

By Brad Jensen, Author of Prosperity Step-by-Step

This is the response to an email message sent to me 'by accident':

I'd like to know if anyone on this forum has gotten rich yet, using his ideas? Let us know. I'm a sales and marketing manager and the only way I can prove my effectiveness is by RESULTS. The best advice in the world won't work unless we put it to work and carry it through. It's one thing to SAY it works, but it's another to DO it and have results to prove it. Any millionares reading this?

It so happens that I am a millionaire, in that I own a company that I created that is worth at least seven million dollars, and I earn an income of over half a million a year.

And I started 22 years ago with a degree in Philosophy/Religion and a borrowed pencil.

I have been diligently exploring prosperity ideas, learning and teaching them for most of the last 20 years.


Friday, July 21, 2017

How To Eat Less & Be Satisfied

Source: Rapid Fat Loss
Food addiction is real, and it’s widespread.
A recent study of 652 men and women in which researchers used the Yale Food Addiction Scale to assess the prevalence of the addiction, found that around 1 in 20 people (5 percent of the general population) met the criteria for food addiction.

There are a large number of people who don’t meet all of the criteria but who demonstrate a strong association between food and addictive behavior - the “almost addicted” -- Pam Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP
If you have trouble controlling what you eat it doesn't mean you don’t care about how you look, or that you don’t have the willpower to eat healthy.

You’re not to blame for what food addiction forces you to put in your body.

And until now you never realized you could do something about food addiction...

It's called Rapid Fat Loss Framework, and it helps end food addiction by reducing or eliminating cravings, and reducing or eliminating the stress and anxiety of withdrawals you get from restricting your food intake.

Rapid Fat LossIt accomplishes this by using specific techniques & ultra-healthy foods that nourish your body and reduce your dependency on food.

If you're interested you can visit this website to find out more -

If you would enjoy being satisfied with 30%-50% less food without the horrible feelings that usually come with cutting back on how much you eat, you might find this interesting.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

How To Stop Overeating Forever

MindTrip MagazineHow much food do we really need to live? Not as much as we think. Most of us eat a lot more than what we really need. The result isn’t just weight gain and low self-esteem. Overeating also causes some serious health issues including high blood pressure and diabetes.

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How to Become Superhuman

Of all the superheroes in popular culture, I've always been most drawn to Batman. While many superheroes come by their superpowers through genetic blessing or freakish accident, Batman is a regular guy who gained his superhuman abilities on his own. He studied science, perfected his body, sharpened his mind and powers of deduction, and utilized technology. He became superhuman through his own effort, adding to his powers element by element.

While such a transformation might seem like a flight of unrealistic fantasy, it's really not. While we may never quite approach Batman's level of prowess, we can build ourselves into men whose abilities far surpass that of the average joe. Don't believe me? Consider Houdini. 

Houdini was an ordinary man who through the force of discipline and hustle taught himself how to escape from any handcuff, chest, prison, straitjacket or safe in the world, hold his breath for almost four minutes, fly one of the first planes in the world, endure freezing temperatures, untie knots with his toes, and charm the pants off of ordinary folks and dignitaries alike. He kept the goal of becoming superhuman ever before him and he attained it.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Revelations from an Illuminati Insider

By Enoch Tan / Source: Mind Power Secrets Package

You know us as the Illuminati and have attributed many things about us, some of them true, some of them false. The state of the world is the way it is because of three factors: 1. Our influence (open or hidden) and actions in it. 2. Your (the masses and individuals) beliefs and way of living in it. 3. Cosmic causes from the beginning and the divine plan in motion.

We are in control of your society, and we will continue to be in control even as you expose our existence and influence in this world. It is not invisibility that gives us our power. It is you the human nature that gives us our power. As long as people are slothful, wicked and foolish, we will have power in this world. We retain world dominance for the purpose of good. If there was no control, society would be in chaos because of the inability of the masses to govern themselves.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

You Can't Self-Help Your Way To Happiness

Be Your Own Psychotherapist
Thirty years ago, I went to see a very old and highly revered Chinese doctor. One of the first things he said to me was, “I don’t deal with disease; I deal with health.”

In Western culture, self-help is often talked about as though it offers cures to what is inherently wrong with you. But if we take a cue from the Eastern approach, we can more effectively deal with our physical, psychological, and spiritual health.

Secret that forces the universe to give you abundance

Manifestion Success Kit
By Heather Matthews / 
Manifestation Miracle

Do you want the secret to a happier, more fulfilling life...

One where you can achieve all your goals and have everything you wished for... with faster results...

Without all the hard work and heartache of other hit and miss methods?

Today I want to show you a really absurd, but extremely effective "Manifestation Formula".

Monday, July 10, 2017

9 Steps to Hack Your Confidence

Confidence is a key factor in not just picking up women, but in your relationships with others, and most importantly, yourself. Being confident it one of the easiest things to change about yourself! Below you will find 9 simple “hacks” you can use to be more confident in yourself.

I recommend that you pick 2-3 and give them a try over the next week. You will find that some of these work better for you than others. Keep the ones that you like and discard the ones you don’t.

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Why Optimists Usually Win: How to 'Hypnotize' Yourself for Success

By Rob Waugh / Source: Daily Mail UK

Thinking positively about something really might make it happen, psychologists say.

Simply anticipating something good can gear up hidden circuits in the brain to drive you towards it.

Thinking about a happy outcome plants a 'suggestion' in the mind, in a similar way to a hypnotist.

Two psychologists at the University of Victoria, New Zeland said: 'Once we anticipate a specific outcome will occur, our subsequent thoughts and behaviors will actually help to bring that outcome to fruition.'

It can't work magic, obviously, but researchers say effects of suggestion are more powerful than people think and can change behaviours and even outcomes.