Thursday, July 29, 2010

Superhuman: The Incredible Savant Brain

This fantastic graphic was created by Jess Bachman ( for the website -- which, unfortunately, doesn't seem to have anything else on it.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Free Video: Daydream Your Way to Everything You Want

Time and time again I hear from good people who are fed up, frustrated, and just plain discouraged about their ability to reliably manifest what they want in life.

Do you ever feel like that?

If so, you're not alone. And even if you've gotten your brain wrapped around the concept of the Law of Attraction and are whole-hearted in your manifesting efforts—you still may have the nagging feeling you're not quite hitting with all cylinders.

That's why I'd suggest you take a few minutes to watch this…

FREE VIDEO: How To Multiply Your Manifesting Power

The Orgasmic Mind: This Is Your Brain On Sex

By Martin Portner
Source: Scientific American

She did not often have such strong emotions. But she suddenly felt powerless against her passion and the desire to throw herself into the arms of the cousin whom she saw at a family funeral.

“It can only be because of that patch,” said Marianne, a participant in a multinational trial of a testosterone patch designed to treat hypoactive sexual desire disorder, in which a woman is devoid of libido.

Testosterone, a hormone ordinarily produced by the ovaries, is linked to female sexual function, and the women in this 2005 study had undergone operations to remove their ovaries.

After 12 weeks of the trial, Marianne had felt her sexual desire return. Touching herself unleashed erotic sensations and vivid sexual fantasies. Eventually she could make love to her husband again and experienced an orgasm for the first time in almost three years.

But that improvement was not because of testosterone, it turned out. Marianne was among the half of the women who had received a placebo patch—with no testosterone in it at all.


Money Is Your Reward For Serving Others

By Bob Proctor
Source: The Science of Getting Rich

There is a very real possibility that everything you and I have been taught about how to earn money is so far from the truth that it’s almost comical. Earning money has nothing to do with age, formal education, gender or geography. It has nothing to do with past experience or your formal years of education or your level of intellect.

There are individuals who are functionally illiterate who have become multimillionaires, while there are others who are absolutely brilliant and they are broke.

Virtually anyone can be taught how to earn millions of dollars and yet the sad truth is that 97 out of every 100 people are born, live their entire lives, and die without ever learning how to earn money. To perpetuate this ridiculous problem, their ignorance is passed along from one generation to the next.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Depressing News About Antidepressants

By Sharon Begley / Source: Newsweek

Although the year is young, it has already brought my first moral dilemma. In early January a friend mentioned that his New Year's resolution was to beat his chronic depression once and for all. Over the years he had tried a medicine chest's worth of antidepressants, but none had really helped in any enduring way, and when the side effects became so unpleasant that he stopped taking them, the withdrawal symptoms (cramps, dizziness, headaches) were torture. Did I know of any research that might help him decide whether a new antidepressant his doctor recommended might finally lift his chronic darkness at noon?

The moral dilemma was this: oh, yes, I knew of 20-plus years of research on antidepressants, from the old tricyclics to the newer selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) that target serotonin (Zoloft, Paxil, and the granddaddy of them all, Prozac, as well as their generic descendants) to even newer ones that also target norepinephrine (Effexor, Wellbutrin).

The research had shown that antidepressants help about three quarters of people with depression who take them, a consistent finding that serves as the basis for the oft-repeated mantra "There is no question that the safety and efficacy of antidepressants rest on solid scientific evidence," as psychiatry professor Richard Friedman of Weill Cornell Medical College recently wrote in The New York Times. But ever since a seminal study in 1998, whose findings were reinforced by landmark research in The Journal of the American Medical Association last month, that evidence has come with a big asterisk.

Yes, the drugs are effective, in that they lift depression in most patients. But that benefit is hardly more than what patients get when they, unknowingly and as part of a study, take a dummy pill—a placebo. As more and more scientists who study depression and the drugs that treat it are concluding, that suggests that antidepressants are basically expensive Tic Tacs.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

How to Master your Appreciation Vibration

By Jafree Ozwald / The Manifesting Super Gold Pack

Experiencing a continuous appreciation for yourself, the world and everyone in it is the super highway to opening your manifesting powers, and connecting with the highest cosmic consciousness in the Universe.

When your appreciation valve (in your heart) is 100% open for 24 hours in a row, extra little miracles start popping up all over your life! Try giving appreciation to everything you see, touch, taste, smell and hear for one day. One day, all day long, see if you can do it!

This little practice is one of the most effective ways to becoming the master of your destiny. When you are in a constant state of gratitude you are communicating with the Universe from your higher mind, which allows you to be guided to receive your soul's dream life!


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Chris Nolan's Inception: Is Lucid Dreaming Telepathy Really Possible?

Inception is due to be summer 2010's major blockbuster movie, taking us on a journey into the intimate and infinite world of dreams... Written and directed by Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight, Memento) and starring an international cast (Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page, Cillian Murphy, Joseph Gordon-Levvit and Michael Cain) the subject of the movie has been shrouded in deep secrecy - until now.

I decided to take a closer look at the lucid dreaming theme of this sci-fi movie and how much it tells us about the true nature of lucid dreaming... and for that matter, the nature of reality itself. To learn more, I also spoke with Robert Waggoner (an expert lucid dreamer and author of Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self) about his experiments with lucid dreaming telepathy, a central theme of Inception.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Scientists See Inside the Minds of Dreamers

By Remy Melina, Life's Little Mysteries Staff Writer

In the movie "Inception," the characters enter and manipulate other people's dreams. Today's real scientists can't do that, but by using brain imaging technology, they are getting closer to being able to tell whether a person is doing math calculations, talking, reading, or is frightened in their dreams.

"This imaging technology will continue to get more precise, but I doubt it will ever be as exact as to content as, say, the depiction in 'Inception,'" said Deirdre Barrett, a psychologist at Harvard University.

But scientists are able to see what parts of the brain are activated during various sleep cycles by using electroencephalography (EEG), electrocardiography (EKG) and rapid eye movement technology (REMT) to record and analyze a sleeping person's brain waves, and in some cases, they can interpret what someone is dreaming about.


12 Golden Keys for a New World

By M. J. Milne, Author of 12 Golden Keys for a New World

There are 12 Golden Keys that unlock gateways to secrets hidden inside of you. Fear is the gatekeeper that blocks your passage.

As you unlock each door, you gradually enter a state of conscious freedom, a state of awareness that allows you the freedom to create and choose how to experience your life, dissolving fear.

Conscious freedom leads you to the realization of who you truly are—Soul, a consciously aware being here for experience—and what that means in the grand scheme of things is life-altering. There is something more to life—being Soul.

The rest is an illusion, an illusion of your own making, and you can change it, if you wish. As you do, you will begin to realize we are one planet, one spirit, and one family, breaking free of conditioned beliefs. Thus, your life journey is truly a spiritual quest.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Paul the Psychic Octopus Goes 8-for-8 with World Cup Predictions

By Brooks Peck, Yahoo News

Eight picks, eight correct, eight tentacles. Paul the Oracle Octopus is clearly the biggest winner of the World Cup after recording a perfect prognostication record whether he knows it or not (he probably doesn't).

The big question was whether Paul's predictive superpowers would translate to the final - the first match he was asked to predict that did not involve his native Germany. But such piddly concerns did not bother Paul. Mostly because he's an octopus.

Just as he predicted, the European champions Spain became world champions for the first time with an Andres Iniesta goal in extra time. And as the Spanish celebrated, Paul floated in his tank, sure of his genius and probably craving a fresh clam.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

David Blaine: Random Things I've Learned

By Cal Fussman / Source: Esquire

My life is so bizarre, it's just easier to be honest.

When I was a kid, I'd synchronize watches with my godfather, then tell him to call our house at a specified time during dinner. I'd be at the table and say, "The phone is about to ring." And he'd call and pretend he wasn't in on it. Then I'd play it up — I'd stare at the ceiling to make it seem like something weird was going on. All moms think their kids are special, but I wanted to make sure.

To this day, literally, I can't stop doing magic. Day and night. Like I just took a flight back from Italy last night. The whole flight was me doing magic for everybody — stewardesses, the captain, people in line for the bathroom…

I was spoiled by my mother. Not in the sense that we had things. We didn't. But when I was with her, she never watched TV or talked on the phone. She was there. Reading books, going to museums, walking me through the park, bringing me to see guys playing the congas. All those things don't cost a penny, and yet I feel like I had the most incredible childhood.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Is the Universe Inside Your Head?

By Alan Boyle / Source: MSNBC

Biomedical researcher Robert Lanza has been on the frontier of cloning and stem cell studies for more than a decade, so he's well-acclimated to controversy. But his book "Biocentrism" is generating controversy on a different plane by arguing that our consciousness plays a central role in creating the cosmos.

"By treating space and time as physical things, science picks a completely wrong starting point for understanding the world," Lanza declares.

Any claim that space and time aren't cold, hard, physical things has to raise an eyebrow. Some of the reactions to Lanza's ideas, first set forth two years ago in an essay for The American Scholar, brand them as "pseudo-scientific philosophical claptrap" or "no better than any religion."


Friday, July 09, 2010

How to Focus Your Mind to Get Anything You Want

By Joel Chue
Creator of the Mind Power Special Report

I was literally broke just 13 months ago...
But I earned over $250,000 in 2007... How did I do it?

It wasn’t rocket science... You just have to do CERTAIN THINGS everyday...
You can’t expect success by doing the same things that lead you to failure

Read the following quote from MIT scientist Stuart Lichtman that changed my life:

“What’s the reason why you haven’t yet achieved what you want?
It’s not your parents, it’s not your friends, it’s not your spouse, and it’s not your “bad luck”... It’s not the world’s economic situation, it’s not the competition, it’s not your boss... and it’s not president Bush...

The reason is you...
To be more exact, the reason is in your mind... and the things you do everyday”...


Unhealthy Diets Cause Depression in Women

By Daily Mail Reporter

Women who suffer from depression may be fuelling it with a diet of unhealthy, processed foods, a new study has shown.

Researchers from the University of Melbourne found that mood disorders were more common among women aged 20 to 93 who, over 10 years, ate primarily processed, refined, high-fat foods.

'There's no magic diet,' Dr Felice Jacka said, but added eating a diet mainly of vegetables, fruit, whole grain foods, low fat dairy products, and lean meat, and reserving processed and sweet treats to 'sometimes foods,' will aid physical health and may also support mental well-being.


Thursday, July 08, 2010

Luckiest Woman Alive Wins 4th Multi-Million Dollar Jackpot

By Mike Baird / Corpus Christi Caller Times

Once, twice, three times a millionaire — now it’s four.

Joan R. Ginther, a native of Bishop who moved to Las Vegas, made her fourth appearance Monday at lottery headquarters in Austin to collect seven figures, lottery officials said.

Ginther, 63, won $10 million, the top prize in Texas Lottery’s $140,000,000 Extreme Payout scratch-off ticket, pushing her total wins to $20.4 million.

It was her third time to win on a ticket from a Bishop store, and second one at Times Market at 525 Highway 77 Bypass, in Bishop.

“This is a very lucky store,” said Bob Solis, store manager. The owner Sun Bae is the one with the lucky hand, Solis said. “Sun sold both the winning tickets to the woman.”


Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Top 10 Common Faults in Human Thinking

Source: The List Universe

The human mind is a wonderful thing. Cognition, the act or process of thinking, enables us to process vast amounts of information quickly. For example, every time your eyes are open, you brain is constantly being bombarded with stimuli. You may be consciously thinking about one specific thing, but you brain is processing thousands of subconscious ideas.

Unfortunately, our cognition is not perfect, and there are certain judgment errors that we are prone to making, known in the field of psychology as cognitive biases. They happen to everybody regardless of age, gender, education, intelligence, or other factors.

Some of them are well known, others not, but all of them are interesting. I am sure everyone will find that one has happened to them, (I myself have been prone to several) and now will recognize when they are making an error in the future.


One Command That Can Change Your Life

By Asara Lovejoy / Excerpt from The One Command

How many times have you heard that your negative thoughts are the cause of financial lack and limitation?

Or, if you are rich, the fear of losing what you have has kept you from a peaceful enjoyment of your wealth? And why is it that with every effort to change these conditions it hasn’t quite worked yet?

The answer, I discovered, is because the most powerful yet mostly ignored portions of our mind—the ones that can change our limited ideas into a rich life lived with grace and ease—have been left untapped.

The realization of this great capacity and the ability to create a rich life while engaged there changed my income and fortune from fear of lack and financial stress to a life of prosperity and happiness. When I discovered that greater capacity, it guided me in my every effort to be rich, joyful, and prosperous and removed forever that never-ending financial struggle that many of us have experienced.

I discovered that there are many levels to what we think is true about cash, money, and financial independence. Most of our ideas are based on the thought that there won’t be enough, or that money seems elusive and difficult to obtain, or, if we are rich, that we will lose what we have, or others may take it from us.

Many can argue that reality is as it is, but it is my experience that the opposite is exactly true: reality is ours for the making.


Monday, July 05, 2010

The Secret to Pleasure Is All In Your Mind

By Michael Washburn / NPR

"Illusion," quipped Oscar Wilde, "is the first of all pleasures."

Clever enough, but more accurate would be the reverse assertion that pleasure is the first of all illusions. People are poor analysts when it comes to pleasure. We think we eat truffles because they're delicious. We think we swoon in front of a Vermeer because it's masterly and beautiful. This assumption of a simple correlation between quality and sensation misunderstands the promiscuity of pleasure.

"What matters most," writes Paul Bloom in his engaging, evocative How Pleasure Works: The New Science of Why We Like What We Like, "is not the world as it [actually physiologically impacts] our senses. Rather, the enjoyment we get from something derives from what we think that thing is."

Bottled water supplies the purest example of Bloom's argument. Partisans tout the superiority of Perrier, or whatever their favorite brand of sparkling water happens to be. But as experiment after experiment demonstrates, give someone seltzer water but tell them it's Perrier, and they'll wax ecstatic about the mineral springs of southern France.


Sunday, July 04, 2010

How to Use the Hypnotic Gaze

By Clifford Mee
Creator of The Power of Conversational Hypnosis

The Hypnotic Gaze Induction is a powerful piece of language that requires more thought behind your actions and composure rather than words.

The hypnotic gaze induction can and will be used in many instances to run through the 4 Stage Protocol with many of your subjects. This is a skill that once learned will absorb attention, bypass critical factor, provoke an unconscious response and set the scene for you the direct that response.

It really takes care of it all when you learn to do it correctly. You must keep an eye on, no pun intended, the sub-communications you send and go first in the feeling of good will. You want to transmit through your body language that you mean for this to be a pleasant experience of mutual cooperation.

Finally you also need to be aware of the direct or indirect approach to take with each different individual you are working with. For now you should be concentrating on the more direct method of the hypnotic gaze but as time goes on you will be able to be less direct in this skill.

Keep in mind to have your confidence up and your insecurities checked at the door. All of this will help insure the best hypnotic gaze environment for both you and the person you are working with.


Saturday, July 03, 2010

Fear, the Great Paralyzer

By T. Harv Eker, Creator of The Millionaire Mind Intensive

When we look at successful people, there are a variety of assumptions we can make for why they are successful. Hard work comes to mind. Smarts never hurt. Maybe they were born with advantages that other people weren’t born with.

But let’s be honest: there are times when you wonder why someone who doesn’t seem terribly bright finds success. “How the hell did they get to where they’re at? I’m smarter than them!”

That may or may not be true, but one thing is for sure: however one reaches success—even if intelligence and ability weren’t factors at all—those people aren’t afraid to take action!


Friday, July 02, 2010

Mind Reading Machines Tested on Prisoners

By Sharon Weinberger / AOL News

Borrowing a page from a Hollywood sci-fi flick, a jail in New Jersey has been using an Israeli technology to screen detainees to determine whether they intend to commit hostile acts.

The computerized system, called Cogito, "emulates the work of an interrogation expert and can accurately expose hostile intents and hidden information in as little as five minutes," Bergen County Sheriff Leo McGuire wrote in a recent issue of Sheriff magazine.

Developed by Israeli-based Suspect Detection Systems, Cogito uses sensors to measure a subject's psycho-physiological responses, similar to a polygraph. But unlike a polygraph, which is used to spot lies about past events, the Cogito system is said to detect the intent to commit hostile acts in the future.