Sunday, June 28, 2009

How Celebrities Quit Smoking

By Valerie Dawson
Creator of Quit Smoking Fast & Easy

What do Drew Barrymore, Ellen DeGeneres, Matt Damon and Charlize Theron have in common? They all quit smoking with hypnosis.

We all know that celebrities love to follow a trend - and, with smoking way down on the list of things that you should do in life - more and more famous people are turning to hypnosis to break their bad habits.

Let's face it - quitting smoking is hard, whether you're famous or not. It doesn't matter how bad you want to quit, sometimes actually being able to break the physical and mental addiction is something we just can't do on our own. But, the fact is that smoking could shorten your lifespan, it makes your life miserable and it eats up all your money.

So, it's no surprise that celebrities like these four have given hypnosis a try. Sometimes, having someone else deal with an addiction for you is just a lot easier than having to do it yourself. Matt Damon, for example, is said to have quit smoking straight after just three sessions with his hypnotherapist. As he said afterwards:

"It's amazing I didn't even want cigarettes any more."


Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Man Who Has Never Been Sick

Source: The Longevity Now Program

In some ways we can think of our immune system as a very important clean up crew for getting the toxins out of our body. It determines what's foreign and what's domestic.

The major diseases that are affecting society right now, such as cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, can all be improved if our immune system is improved. In particular, if you are dealing with one of the most aggressive forms of illnesses, you need to know that it is ALL about the immune system.

David Wolfe knows what he is talking about, he hasn't been sick in over 15 years, since he has started using the techniques. He says that there a number of things that affect our immunity, but the 2 major ones are...

1) The tap water that we drink - (even bathing in it can affect our immune system).

2) Our food supply - all the antibiotics, hormones, and genetically modified ingredients that are beginning to show up in our food supply all contribute to debilitating our immune systems.


English Man Wakes Up Irish After Brain Surgery

By Joe Fay / Source: The Register UK

A Yorkshire man woke up from brain surgery to find he'd turned from a flat vowelled, thrifty dalesman into a blarney kissing, 'Danny Boy' singing, happy-go-lucky Dubliner.

The Daily Mail reports that 30 year old Chris Gregory spent three days on life support, after a blood vessel in his brain ruptured. While the staff were relieved to see him come round, they were non-plussed when he opened his mouth and began speaking in a broad Irish accent.

He then spent 30 minutes lilting away and bursting into a rendition of 'Danny Boy'.

His wife-to-be walked into the ward, and heard a commotion including "someone singing 'Danny Boy' really loud. It sounded like a drunken Irishman, and all the racket seemed to coming from the direction of Chris’s bed."


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A New Twist on Time Travel

By John Berman and Wonbo Woo / ABC News

For some, the idea of time travel is about fantasy. For others it's science. But for Ronald Mallett, it was love -- a son's love for his father.

You might even call it his lifelong mission.

"I thought if I could build a time machine to save my father's life and see him again," said Mallett, whose father died when he was just 10.

"My father was someone who was the center of my life -- I was the oldest of four children and we grew up in the Bronx. And my father was a television repairman," Mallet said.

"He was terrific at his job, as a matter of fact. He really spent a lot of time with me, gave me little scientific toys like gyroscopes and crystal radio sets. I just I just worshipped him."

Mallet said he kept his plan a secret.

"I was astute enough to realize that people were worried about me already and if I told them that wanted to build a time machine I might not want to deal with the consequences," Mallett said.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

The 10 Ten Superfoods That Will Change Your Life

By David Wolfe / Creator of Longevity Now

Through recent technological breakthroughs, we have discovered the appropriate foods and herbs that benefit everyone with maximum nutrition, flavor, health benefits, energy, as well as minimum calories and no trans fatty acids. These are “longevity foods” that increase our ability to live a full, long, abundant and joyful life.

Each and every human being has the inalienable right to pursue noble ideals. Because we were all born into the world with one known principle - “You are what you eat” - we can, in our pursuit of noble ideals, discover that there are indeed noble foods that assist us in achieving our dreams.

These special, noble foods and herbs fall into three time-proven, yet brand-new food groups:

1. Superfoods: These include foods that have many unique properties. For example, the goji berry (a superfood) is a source of complete protein, immune-stimulating polysaccharides, liver-cleansing betaine, anti-aging sesquiterpenes, antioxidants, over 20 trace minerals, and much, much more. Compare this to a normal food, such as celery.

2. Superherbs: These include herbs that have super tonic and adaptogenic properties as well as many other unique gifts. For example, reishi mushroom (a superherb) helps support a healthy immune system, heart, lungs, kidneys, as well as assisting with rejuvenating brain and connective tissue.

3. Living, raw plant foods: These are important, normal foods that include most fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, seaweeds, sprouts, grasses, fresh herbs, and fermented foods (i.e. sauerkraut).


The End of Aging: Is Getting Old Inevitable?

Posted by Casey Kazan / Source:

In his non-fiction Amazon bestseller, Ending Aging, Aubrey de Grey, champions recent progress in genetics and calorie-restricted diets in laboratory animals that hold forth the promise that someday science will enable us to exert total control over our own biological aging and substantially slow down the aging process.

Aubrey de Grey is convinced that he has formulated the theoretical means by which human beings might live thousands of years -- indefinitely, in fact.

Unlike Francis Bacon, de Grey has never stationed himself at a laboratory bench to attempt a ­single hands-on experiment, at least not in human biology. He is a computer scientist who has taught himself natural science, and has set himself toward the goal of transforming the basis of what it means to be human.

Dr. de Grey, who holds a rare University of Cambridge degree on this basis of publications rather than classwork, believes that the key biomedical technology required to eliminate aging-derived debilitation and death entirely is now within reach —technology that would not only slow but periodically reverse age-related physiological decay, leaving us biologically young into an indefinite future—is now within reach.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"They" Are Making You Sick, and "You" Can Make Yourself Well

By Laura Silva/ Source: Silva Mind Body Healing

Do you know the *real* reason why we fall sick with diseases like diabetes, arthritis and the dreaded cancer?

Do you know why so many of us end up spending our entire life savings on medical procedures and medication that often doesn't help us one bit?

It doesn't matter if you're suffering from one of these diseases now, or if you're completely healthy - the TRUTH is something all of us must know, for the sake of our future (not to mention our loved ones).

This video sheds light on the real culprit, and you absolutely MUST watch it:

Click here to watch: "They Are Making You Sick"

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How to Prepare for The Shift

Exclusive Interview with Laurie Nadel, Ph.D.

Q: Dr. Dyer, you write about what happens when we step into the afternoon of life. How do people know when they’re in the afternoon of life? I mean, what kind of shifts happen in our lives?

WAYNE DYER: Carl Jung writes that the afternoon of our lives represents the time when we begin to shift away from the ego being the dominant force in our life. We begin moving towards a life journey that has meaning. The morning of our lives is really occupied by ambition—getting as much as you can, collecting as much stuff as you can get, impressing as many people as you can, preparing yourself for a job, saving your money, setting goals, pleasing everybody, and doing the right thing. Even getting good grades in school revolved around the ego part of us, which really believes that who we are is what we do, what we get, and what other people think of us. That’s basically the essence of the ego. In the afternoon of your life, you don’t do life. You do what resonates with the callings of your soul.

Q: How does the current global economic, sociopolitical, and spiritual crisis give people a surprising opportunity to find their true purpose?

WAYNE DYER: Yeah. First of all, I’m not in a crisis, and I’m not in an economic crisis at all.

Q: No, I understand that but other people are.

WAYNE DYER: I think a big part of this “crisis” that everybody is talking about is all about fear. We’ve been force-fed a steady diet of fear. The statistics come out—500,000 jobs lost. Five-hundred thousand jobs lost doesn’t mean that a half a million people are going to go jump off a cliff or even get unemployment. They’re going to get different jobs or they’re going to do something different.

Everybody that was making cassette tapes ten years ago lost his job, but it doesn’t mean that that’s a horrible crisis. It means that those people are now making DVDs or that they’re moving. The world is always shifting. The Tao teaches us to get to a place of contentment and become the observer. Just notice it. The material world is never flat. It always has its ups and downs. In a deep well within us all misfortune and good fortune is hidden. In all good fortune, misfortune is hidden. When you’re at a peak, you know you’re going to go down into a valley. When you hit the bottom, you’re going to go up. We just kill ourselves with all of this information, and all of this fear. You can’t go anywhere without hearing people talk about it.


Monday, June 15, 2009

The 9 Powers of Dreaming

By Robert Moss /

Have you ever said, “it’s only a dream”? While we often dismiss dreams, or fail to make room for them in the hurry of our daily lives, dreams can be a fabulous source of guidance, healing and juice for any day. Dreams offer us nine tremendous gifts.

1. We solve problems in our sleep

Jeff Taylor woke in the middle of the night from a dream in which he created an electronic bulletin board that was lit up with eager job-hunters logging in from all over the map. He scrawled the phrase “Monster board” on a pad in the dark, then rushed to an all-night coffee shop and roughed out the plan for what became the stunningly successful internet job agency,

If you want to solve a problem, or need a fresh perspective, sleep on it. Write down your intention (“I would like guidance on X”) before turning in, and be ready to record something whenever you wake up. Even if you have forgotten your dreams, you may find you have your solution.

2. Dreams coach us for future challenges and opportunities.

John Lennon dreamed he read his own obituary and was shocked to find that he had murdered himself, in front of the Dakota on Central Park. Eleven months later, he was murdered in front of the Dakota by a demented fan who identified with the Beatles star to the point where he married a Japanese woman, collected the same type of art, and signed out of work the day before the murder as “John Lennon”.

Lennon’s dream was precognitive; it showed him a future event that was played out when the wannabe John Lennon killed the real one. But dreams also give us early warnings: they show us future challenges (and opportunities) that may or may not play out, depending on whether we read the message correctly and take appropriate action. I believe that my own life has been saved from fatal road accidents on three occasions because I was able to use dream previews as travel advisories.


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Miracles or Madness?

By Danny Penman
Source: The Daily Mail

News of the ‘miracle’ spread around the world with lightning speed.

A Jewish fish-cutter in New York was busy slaughtering a batch of carp when one of them started shouting apocalyptic warnings to him in Hebrew. ‘The fish shouted that everyone needed to account for themselves because the end is near,’ says Zalmen Rosen, the fish-cutter.

The fish told Zalmen to pray and study the Torah, before identifying itself as the soul of a local man who had died the previous year.

After a moment of stunned silence all hell broke loose. Mr Rosen’s co-worker Louis Nivelo was convinced the talking fish was the work of Satan, and ran around screaming: ‘It’s the devil! The devil is here!’ before collapsing into a pile of packing crates.

Zalmen panicked and tried to kill the fish with a machete-sized knife. But the carp bucked so wildly that he succeeded only in slicing a huge gash in his own thumb, and had to be rushed to hospital.

The fish flopped off the counter – still muttering in Hebrew — and was butchered by Louis Nivelo.

Word quickly spread that a miracle had occurred in New York. It sparked a heated debate around the world. Was it a genuine miracle or just the ramblings of two rather fevered imaginations? After all, to those brought up with biblical tales of Moses parting the Red Sea, the story of a talking fish hardly counts as a miracle.

Would God really reveal His presence and deliver his prophesies through a fish destined for the freezer? It seems unlikely, but many think God is choosing to reveal His presence with increasingly surreal miracles tailored for the media age.


Friday, June 12, 2009

How Does This Woman Win Every Contest She Enters?

By Marjam Vaher / Source: The Winning Sage

Helene Hadsell doesn’t believe in luck, chance or accidents. What is it about this very normal woman from Alvarado, Texas that bridges the gap between the power of manifestation and everyday reality?

Helene’s uncanny ability to win anything she desires has been covered by newspapers and magazines, and today we’re going to share some of these astonishing stories with you.

At 83-years-old, all Helene wants is to share her knowledge with the world and support you in achieving all that you desire. She wants you to believe.

Now we’d like to share with you some media stories on Helene’s incredible, life-long winning streak.


Monday, June 01, 2009

The Third Man Theory of Otherworldly Encounters

By Nancy J. White / Associated Press

Charles Lindbergh felt it.

During that first solo, non-stop transatlantic flight in 1927, the aviator, flying just above the ocean, was desperately struggling to stay awake. Twenty-two hours into the trip, he became aware of vague forms aboard the Spirit of St. Louis. They offered reassurance and discussed navigational problems.

They stayed with him until he spotted the Irish coast, and Paris was within reach.

An avalanche in the Canadian Rockies swept climber James Sevigny 600 metres, breaking his back, scapula, arm, nose, teeth and tearing ligaments in both knees. When he regained consciousness, he saw his climbing companion was dead. He laid next to him to die.

But an invisible being urged him to survive, telling him what to do. The presence stayed with him while he painfully made his way to camp, where skiers found him.

On Sept. 11, 2001, overcome by smoke in a stairwell of the World Trade Center's south tower, money market broker Ron DiFrancesco joined others lying on the concrete floor, some slipping into unconsciousness.

"Get up!" a voice ordered DiFrancesco, who sensed a physical presence encouraging him. Descending the stairs again, he was blocked by fire. The being led him to dash through the flames. He raced down to the plaza; then the tower collapsed. But he survived, one of only four people to escape from above the 81st floor.

Some believe it's a guardian angel. Others say it's the brain's way of coping under great duress. Whichever, the experiences are eerily similar: the sense of a presence that encourages, advises and even leads a person out of peril.