Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Powerful New 3-minute Exercise Improves Memory & Brain Power

By Paul Fassa / Source: Natural News

An unusual exercise to improve mental health and acuity has been going viral on the internet lately. It was featured in a Los Angeles CBS News report that has an MD, a Yale neurobiologist, an occupational therapist, educators, and parents endorsing it.

It is a simple routine, and it has created positive results for learning disabled and autistic children as well as older Alzheimer's victims.

And it's useful for any kind of brain fog or dullness, even emotional instability. It can improve memory and focus, and it's even made some a little smarter. It seems to work for everyone regardless of mental condition.


Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Earth is Alive

The Earth is alive, asserts a new scientific theory of life emerging from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. The trans-disciplinary theory demonstrates that purportedly inanimate, non-living objects — for example,planets, water, proteins, and DNA — are animate, that is, alive.

Erik Andrulis, PhD, assistant professor of molecular biology and microbiology, advanced his controversial framework in his manuscript "Theory of the Origin, Evolution, and Nature of Life," published in the peer-reviewed journal, Life. His theory explains not only the evolutionary emergence of life on Earth and in the Universe but also the structure and function of existing cells and biospheres.

In addition to resolving long-standing paradoxes and puzzles in chemistry and biology, Andrulis' theory unifies quantum and celestial mechanics. His unorthodox solution to this quintessential problem in physics differs from mainstream approaches, like string theory, as it is simple, non-mathematical, and experimentally and experientially verifiable.

How to Hypnotize

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Universe Always Says Yes

By Aine Belton, Creator of Matrix Shift

Miracles are natural. When you awaken to the true nature of reality and discover it is not the solid world it appears to be and that you are its source not subject, you begin to experience life as the magical dream that it truly is.

The more you acknowledge yourself as the powerful co-creator that you are, the more you will step into a whole new way of living, creating and experiencing your life where synchronicities and serendipities abound and miracles no longer surprise you (in fact, you come to expect them!).
"There are two ways to live your life - one is as though nothing is a miracle, the other is as though everything is a miracle." —Albert Einstein
Your world is not separate from you; what's more it is malleable. Your heart and mind hold the keys to its mastery. What you believe to be real 'out there' are wavelengths of energy that correspond directly to your thoughts. It is you that determines what exists from the infinite field of possibility.

Synchronicity is the Key to Destiny

By Frank Joseph / Source: New Dawn Magazine

Synchronicity is the most mysterious thing in the world. Synchronicity is the term parapsychologists use for "meaningful coincidence." It happens to everyone, more often than we realise. But synchronicities are not "mere" coincidences, random accidents without significance.

Going through a half-forgotten collection of old photographs, you're surprised to find the snap-shot of a friend you lost contact with years ago. Just then the telephone rings and the voice on the other end of the line belongs to the same person in the photo.

You're desperate to find a parking place because you've got to be on time for a crucial appointment. There's not an open spot as far as the eye can see. Suddenly, a car pulls out in front of you, leaving you a space right in front of the address where you're expected.

You've just finished reading a book about rare birds, when the first humming-bird you've ever seen in your back yard is drinking nectar from a nearby flower.
These are typical incidents of synchronicity. And while most people brush them aside as insignificant happenstance, some of the greatest minds in history have grappled with this universal enigma. "Synchronicity" was coined by last century's leading psychologist, Carl Gustav Jung. Fascinated as he was by it, even Albert Einstein could not understand how it worked.

Matrix Shift

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven

By Mark Furler / Source: Daily Mercury

“Many people all over the world would love for this to be their worst day.”

It’s tough advice from your dad to contemplate when your six-year-old has been left paralysed and fighting for life after a car crash you caused.

Incredibly, father of four Kevin Malarkey has not only seen more good come out of the horrific accident that almost cost his son’s life – but if he had his time again, he would not change a thing.

The story of Alex Malarkey, The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven, has not only made the New York Times’ best seller list, but has attracted interest from people around the world, particularly in Australia.


Read Akashic Records

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Economics of Happiness

By Tom Green / Source: Adbusters

In the last few years, a growing number of economists have been discovering happiness.

It's not that they are spending more time admiring flowers, helping old folks cross the road, dancing on the street or baking pies for neighbors. In fact, these happiness economists are working long hours in soul-numbing ways, torturing data with their latest econometric techniques to force deeply buried facts to the surface.

What is different is that these economists are revisiting old assumptions and asking new questions. They're not taking the neoclassical model of rational economic man for truth. They have been willing to learn from their colleagues in psychology. They have given up on the old assumption that the more you consume, the better off you are; instead, they are actually looking at the question empirically.

Most importantly, they are bravely asking, "What factors make people happy?" It's another sign of the coming revolution in economics.

Top 10 Actions That Will Make You Happier

In his book "The Happiness Prescription", renowned Spiritual Guru Deepak Chopra says that happiness is the goal of every other goal. And how true that is! 
You see, happiness is something that we all want. Whatever we do, we do so because we feel we will feel better in the having of it.

Happiness is a state of mind that comes from within, regardless of the circumstances we are in.

And only when we are happy, can we spread happiness to those around us. Being Happy is our real nature. And anything other than that means we are not what we should be.

When we feel joy, ecstasy and happiness, we are in vibrational harmony with the Universe, and we open the gates to unlimited abundance.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Is Willpower the Key to Success and Happiness?

By Jon Henley/ Source: The Guardian

In the smart restaurant of a very smart hotel in the West End of London, Roy F Baumeister, eminent American social psychology professor, orders a lunch of fish and chips, and then decides not to eat the chips. "I won't eat something that's not good for me unless it's absolutely perfect, and it's going to give me real pleasure," he says. "I'm afraid... Well, it just didn't look like these were going to do either."

What willpower, you might say. You'd be right; the chips looked pretty good. But Baumeister is also, coincidentally, a leading authority on that very subject, and has just published a smash-hit book on it with New York Times science writer John Tierney.

Willpower: Rediscovering Our Greatest Strength distills three decades of academic research (Baumeister's contribution) into self-control and willpower, which the Florida State University social psychologist bluntly identifies as "the key to success and a happy life".

Friday, February 17, 2012

How to Be Naturally Attractive to Women

If you have spent any time researching how to be more successful with women, you'll have found so much information on what to do, what to say, how to dress...

But what about if you don't feel confident enough to approach women in that way? What about how you are coming across? What about your 'inner game' - those countless unconscious signals that women are picking up before they even hear your voice?

Without confidence you're in trouble - she can smell your fear...

The thing about attraction is that it relies on instincts. It has to. Nature has developed in us fine tuned senses to pick up the truth about the person we're interacting with. Without that we would be susceptible to being lied to and manipulated every minute of the day.

How to be Naturally Attractive to Women

An Easy Name Makes Life Easier

By Chad Brooks / Source: Business News Daily

Parents wanting to give their children a leg up in the workforce can start early by giving them a simple name like Michael, Tom, Jane or Mary, new research suggests.

A study by professors at the University of Melbourne and New York University revealed that people with simple, easy-to-pronounce names were more likely to be favored for a promotion at work.

"The effect is not due merely to the length of a name or how foreign-sounding or unusual it is, but rather how easy it is to pronounce," said Simon Laham, the study's lead author from the University of Melbourne.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Free MP3: The Most Relaxing Song Ever

A British band and a group of scientists have made the most relaxing tune in the history of man.

Sound therapists and Manchester band Marconi Union compiled the song. Scientists played it to 40 women and found it to be more effective at helping them relax than songs by Enya, Mozart and Coldplay.

Weightless works by using specific rhythms, tones, frequencies and intervals to relax the listener. A continuous rhythm of 60 BPM causes the brainwaves and heart rate to synchronise with the rhythm: a process known as ‘entrainment’.

Low underlying bass tones relax the listener and a low whooshing sound with a trance-like quality takes the listener into an even deeper state of calm.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

10 Steps to Manifesting Anything

By Jason & Skye Mangrum,
Excerpt from Uberman: Almost Super Human

Imagine if you could use the power of your mind to manifest money into your life.

Sound far-fetched? It’s easier than you might be willing to believe.

But your mind-pattern (or belief system) tells you this isn’t so… you’ve probably tried before and failed, and thus convinced yourself that “money does not come out of thin-air!”

It’s much easier to manifest money, when you’re not thinking of money… but instead, all the things you can buy with money. Forget the “middle-man” for a moment, and focus on the object of your desire.

I’m going to reveal a unique method by which anyone can easily and assuredly attain money and be able to sustain it… and watch it grow into even greater amounts of wealth and prosperity over time.


Almost Super Human!

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Future of Mind-Controlled Weapons

By Andrew Hough / Source: The Telegraph
Soldiers could control weapons systems simply by using their minds, British scientists have suggested.
Researchers found the Armed Forces could harness the rapid advance of neuroscience to improve the training of soldiers, pilots and other personnel.

A study, from the Royal Society, Britain's national academy of science, showed the possible benefits of neuroscience to military and law enforcement.

It predicted new designer drugs that boost performance, make enemy troops fall asleep and ensure captives become more talkative.

But among the more remarkable scenarios suggested in the report involved the use of devices called brain-machine interfaces (BMIs) to connect soldiers' brains directly to military technology such as drones and weapons.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mind Control 101 - What You Don't Know Can Kill You

By Charles Steed, Author of Dark Persuasion Techniques

Things are almost never as they seem. For those of us paying attention, you've probably noticed there's something sinister going on. Bankers, politicians and other mainstream parasites have a silent whisper campaign in motion. The goal? Grab all they can get while the grabbing's good. It's been going on for years and they're turning up the heat because even they know the game can't last forever.

Look around. Our society is out of control. Big business has become a vicious money grubbing machine. Look at the pharmaceutical companies. It seems like every day they introduce a new drug for some vague and mysterious disease.

Here's a little secret. The TV commercials many of these companies use are often full of subliminal messages designed to make the viewer feel like they need the cure, their drug! And if that's not enough, the medication usually has worse side effects than the disease itself. But this piece isn't about the pharmaceutical companies. Far from it. 

Dark Persuasion Techniques

Real Rules for Time Travelers

By Sean Carroll / Discover Magazine

People all have their own ideas of what a time machine would look like. If you are a fan of the 1960 movie version of H. G. Wells’s classic novel, it would be a steampunk sled with a red velvet chair, flashing lights, and a giant spinning wheel on the back. For those whose notions of time travel were formed in the 1980s, it would be a souped-up stainless steel sports car.

Details of operation vary from model to model, but they all have one thing in common: When someone actually travels through time, the machine ostentatiously dematerializes, only to reappear many years in the past or future. And most people could tell you that such a time machine would never work, even if it looked like a DeLorean.

They would be half right: That is not how time travel might work, but time travel in some other form is not necessarily off the table. Since time is kind of like space (the four dimensions go hand in hand), a working time machine would zoom off like a rocket rather than disappearing in a puff of smoke.

Einstein described our universe in four dimensions: the three dimensions of space and one of time. So traveling back in time is nothing more or less than the fourth-dimensional version of walking in a circle. All you would have to do is use an extremely strong gravitational field, like that of a black hole, to bend space-time. From this point of view, time travel seems quite difficult but not obviously impossible.


Friday, February 10, 2012

New App from Japan Controls Your Dreams

By Darrell Nelson / Source: Japan Trends

Ad agency Hakuhodo's Future Technology Works department have come up with a new app that controls your dreams.

The Yumemiru (translated as see the dream) app lets users select different scenarios to dream about and then through sound influences your thoughts while you snooze.

The free app has 8 different scenarios to choose from including a walk in the forest, at the beach, getting rich, flying and even for those romantically disposed a scenario that stimulates dreams of love tailored for both men and women.

Sleep Programming

Monday, February 06, 2012

The Future Is Better Than You Think

Since the dawn of humanity, a privileged few have lived in stark contrast to the hardscrabble majority. Conventional wisdom says this gap cannot be closed. But it is closing—fast.

In Abundance, space entrepreneur turned innovation pioneer Peter H. Diamandis and award-winning science writer Steven Kotler document how progress in artificial intelligence, robotics, infinite computing, ubiquitous broadband networks, digital manufacturing, nanomaterials, synthetic biology, and many other exponentially growing technologies will enable us to make greater gains in the next two decades than we have in the previous two hundred years.

We will soon have the ability to meet and exceed the basic needs of every man, woman, and child on the planet. Abundance for all is within our grasp.