Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How to Control The "Command Center" In Your Prospect's Mind

By Joe Vitale / Source: The Code of Influence

Here's a million-dollar secret I've never shared with anyone before. When you use it, you will get inside your prospects' heads and manipulate their thinking to get them to do what you want---including sending you money right now for your product or service. Sound hard to believe? Keep reading and I'll prove my point to you.

Right now, as you read these words, you are practicing the very thing I'm going to describe. Centuries ago people read books by moving their lips. Over time---and probably due to complaints from the family---people learned to close their mouths. But virtually all people still read the letters you send them by saying the words in their head, almost as if they were speaking them out loud, but in reality speaking only to themselves. You're probably doing it right now.

You are, aren't you? It doesn't reflect anything about your intelligence. It's how most of us read. I read more than most people and I still read the same way you do, "mouthing" the words in my head. It's how most of us humans accept the written word. Relax. You're normal.

Why is this important?

Because this is a way for you to plant hypnotic commands right into the skulls of people. This is staggering power. When people read your sales letter, you are, in essence, right INSIDE the head of the very person you want to persuade. They are speaking your words---your commands, if you do this right---to themselves. You are in their "command center."


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