Thursday, October 13, 2016

11 Ways To Strengthen & Build Your Memory

MindTrip Magazine
Boosting brain health is always important, as having a healthy, sharp mind can do wonders for productivity and longevity. It's hard to feel as though you're forgetting things all the time, and increasing memory retention can help you feel more confident in your knowledge and ability to think on the spot.

Of course, there's a difference between forgetting where you placed your keys on occasion and forgetting to meet deadlines or social or work commitments regularly. For minor slips, it's not as important, but if you encounter these set-backs in memory retention and find them to interfere in your daily tasks, it might be worth speaking with a physician.

As a certified health coach, I help my clients eat the right foods, work out, and have the ideal lifestyle habits to boost their brain health and to increase memory retention. Of course, memory declines as we age, but there are ways to enhance memory retention and brain power in order to reap long-term benefits and to minimize the natural decline as best as possible. Here are 11 ways to increase memory and brain function in order to improve health and mentality, so that you can feel more competent, informed, and productive during the day.

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