Sunday, October 09, 2016

Jesus Christ: Illuminati Grand Master?

By Eli Rook, Author of The Big F*cking Secret

Grand Master Illuminatus Jesus Christ sat fasting by his favorite stream on a hot summer afternoon, pondering how he could help his peasant brothers and sisters discover the glorious rewards of harnessing their own individual conscious power.

He had no sacred texts, no quantum physics research, no YouTube... He was armed only with his own integrated thoughts and a love for all mankind.
"How can I speak... in a way they might understand me? And if I cannot speak in a way they might understand me... how can I  speak in way they might do what is best for themselves... that which they are forbidden to do by the Church? How might I lead them to their benefit, without their resistance, without the use of force?"
Little did he know, the breakthrough he experienced that day (when he first envisioned how to effectively teach his ideas to the peasants suffering in a zombie-like state of non-consciousness) was the teaching method that would eventually continue on without him, freeing men and women who still suffer in that same zombie state 2000 years later.

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