Saturday, November 07, 2015

How to Force People To Do Anything (and Have Them Thank You For It)

Does someone in your life not want to do something? Do you not care, even the slightest bit, about their wishes? Here's how to force them to complete a task they don't care about, and even feel superior while you're doing it.

The Endowed Progress Effect

The Endowed Progress Effect is something you'll see quite a lot in your life. It's psychological manipulation, but you'll rarely resent it, because that is how the effect works. If you've played a videogame, particularly one that lets you pick up tokens along the way, you've experienced it. If you've got a card that gets you a free cappuccino or sandwich when stamped 10 times, you've experienced it. Anything that lets you achieve small goals in pursuit of a bigger goal is the Endowed Progress Effect.

And you can turn it to your advantage. If you have a task in your life that needs doing, a person in your life who doesn't want to do it, and a cold, dark heart, you have the raw materials for the Endowed Progress Effect. Here's how you get started.

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