Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Secret of Perfect Living

By Chris Cains, Creator of the Miracle Mind Method

When I was in my early 20's I decided I wanted to become a Monk. I must have gone to a dozen or more Monasteries looking for the perfect place to be a monk. I met some really interesting characters while at these places which I won't bore you with now, but they were something else (not what I expected)! 

While I was traveling from Monastery to Monastery I also did a lot of reading.
One book, more than any other I read, impressed me as being not only a great book on spirituality, but also on successful living. The title of the book was The Way of the Pilgrim, translation from Russian by Helen Bacovcin.

It's the story of a young homeless man living in Russia in the 1860's who desires nothing more than to be close to God. One day while in church he hears the reading from the Bible that says in part to "Pray constantly".

This made a deep impression on him. He wonders what could be the meaning of this passage and how does one go about "praying constantly"?

He meet an old priest who tells him the answer. The answer was simple, easy and seemed to work quickly. He was to repeat a phrase, which was in the form of a prayer, constantly to himself and out loud at every opportunity. He recorded the entire events that transpired while he was learning to pray this way and the events after he mastered the method in the book. What he recorded was, if nothing else, interesting and amazing.

Miracle Mind Method

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