Friday, May 11, 2012

Erotic Hypnosis For Intense Orgasms

By Brian Moylan / Source: VICE Magazine

When you first meet Neil, a handsome if regular-looking guy in a tight waffle shirt and a pair of jeans, you might call him nerdy if he wasn't so nondescript.

Based on looks, you wouldn't think that this former IT guy makes his living giving people the most mind-bending, dick-splitting orgasms found anywhere on the planet. But, yes, this guy with a Ned Flanders statue on a bookshelf and Snoopy cartoons on the wall does just that in his Spartan apartment in New York.

Neil doesn't induce these sensations with magic hands or a dick that would make Ron Jeremy jealous. In fact, he doesn't even take off his clothes at all. What Neil does is lie you down on a couch, tell you that you're getting very, very sleepy, and then wake you up to the most intense feeling of sexual pleasure you'll ever experience.

What's his secret? That old staple of bad superhero cartoons and schlocky cruise-ship stage shows: hypnotism.

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