Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Red Pill or Blue Pill: How to Break Free from the Shackles of Society and Reclaim Your Status as Co-Creator

By Gerald O'Donnell / Creator of One Universal Mind

You are by far much more powerful that you can ever imagine in your present state of belief, as you all carry an innate gigantic power within yourself. This power, gifted at birth, is there for you to discover, if you only put some minimal effort at it and regain faith in yourself and our almost unlimited potential as a human family.

As Created human parts of the Creator, we can open to higher levels of ourselves - call them, if you will, Higher selves or intelligences - who operate with much more knowledge, vision, wisdom, and creative abilities that our lower limited earthly selves. They are all accessible from within the deep and almost infinite recesses of our own inner mind.

Although we do not yet know it or believe in it, we were birthed with the right, if we access these deeper Higher levels in awareness, to command them to please us and manifest our desires to us, instead or having it done the other way around, when they manifest life according to their desires, as is the case nowadays.

Yes, we can rule over our subconscious realm, instead of having it rule us. Please realize the profound implications of this truth.

It is time to let go of society's limited and restrictive opinions about yourself and what you can or should do about your life, no matter how well intentioned it is. It is high time for you to break the shackles in which society has constantly forced you into and programmed you from a very young age.

It is time for you to lift yourself out of the old repeating grooves of our old matrix. It is time to stop repeating old history over and over again with ever more destructive consequences.


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