Sunday, January 22, 2006

Reverse Speech and the Soul

By David John Oates

The study of Reverse Speech is the study of unconscious messages embedded backwards into the sounds of our speech. If human speech is recorded and played backwards, approximately once every 30 seconds very clear messages can be heard amongst the gibberish. These messages communicate information from many levels of the psyche.

On the surface level they will reveal conscious thoughts at the time of speaking. If someone is lying forwards, the truth may be revealed in reverse. If they are deleting pertinent information from their forward speech, this information may likewise be communicated in Reverse Speech.

At deeper levels Reverse Speech can reveal the causes of physical disease and unwanted behavioral patterns. Sometimes it can give specific instructions about what can be done to cure, or bring relief from, the disease or behavioral pattern.

At even deeper levels still, Reverse Speech will give us advice and instructions concerning our life and life decisions. At this level it is the spirit itself communicating through Reverse Speech.

This voice is sometimes called the small still voice within. We currently attempt to access this inner voice through altered states of consciousness such as prayer, meditation or hypnosis. With Reverse Speech we are able to actually hear this voice speaking to us in an audible form.


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