Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Dogs Can Predict Cancer

Source: World-Science.net

In a society where lung and breast cancers are leading causes of cancer death worldwide, early detection of the disease is highly desirable. A new study has found that dogs might be able to help detect these cancers early.

The scientists said dogs’ extraordinary scenting ability can distinguish people with both early and late stage lung and breast cancers from healthy people. The research, performed in California, was recently documented by the BBC in the United Kingdom, and is soon to be aired in the United States, researchers said.

Other studies have documented dogs’ abilities to identify chemicals that are diluted as low as parts per trillion. The clinical implications of canine sniffing first came to light in the case report of a dog alerting its owner to skin cancer by constantly sniffing the skin lesion. Subsequent studies published in medical journals reported trained dogs’ ability to detect both melanomas and bladder cancers.


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