Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year's Resolutions -- 7 Keys to Victory

By Brian Walsh
Author of "Unleashing Your Brilliance"

Whether you call them unproductive patterns, limiting beliefs, or simply bad habits, for some reason, as a new year approaches, many of us resolve to make some changes. The resolve part is easy. How do we actually execute a successful change campaign?

A few times a year, a hypnotherapist colleague and I conduct self-hypnosis workshops. An integral component is goal-setting. The following recommendations are part of that.

1. Realistic & a Slight Stretch. Be reasonable in what you choose to change. You're the one who has to implement this plan. Examine your motives for this change. Is it for yourself, or to please others? Make your target just a bit beyond what you think you are capable of.

2. Be Clear. As it says in the book, The Law of Attraction, make a list of what you don't want as a step in creating your list of you do want. Form a WRITTEN affirmation that is positive. Avoid the use of negative words (don't, won't).

3. Be Specific & Flexible. Avoid comparative words (less, better, more). One of the main advantages of establishing goals is that they provide motivation and direction. If you fall short of your stated goal, don't beat yourself up. Celebrate what you have achieved.


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