Monday, April 10, 2017

How to Have Unstoppable Self-Confidence

By Dr. Robert Anthony,
Creator of 
Unstoppable Self Confidence

Are Your Dreams Being Held Hostage?
What has been stopping you? Think of all the things you haven't done yet and ask yourself, "What has been stopping me?" I can almost guarantee you that Self-Confidence is the culprit and is stealing your greatness…
  • Do you secretly fear if you ask for what you want you will be rejected?
  • Do you place other people’s opinions above your own?
  • Do you have trouble believing in yourself?
If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions or if you’ve ever watched someone negotiate a successful deal, walk up to a stranger and ask for a date, start their own business, entertain or give a speech in front of a large group of people and you remember thinking, “I wish I could do that, but I’m just not that confident” then Self-doubt, fear and lack of Self-Confidence are holding you back from achieving your goals.

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