Thursday, April 06, 2017

How to Harness Your Magnetic Power

By Dr. Anne Marie Evers, Author of 
Affirmations - Your Passport to Happiness

The magnetic field that surrounds the human body is called the aura and I refer to it as your Magic Magnetic Circle.

Everything and everyone has a magnetic aura. The aura extends around every part of the body, even around each strand of hair. You can experience a feeling of discomfort when a person gets too close, or inters into your space or aura.

Your aura is a real and vital force even though it cannot be seen. We cannot see the air we breathe or the wind that blows, but we can feel them.

To experience this energy or aura, rub both of your hands together briskly and place them together facing each other several inches apart. Can you feel the energy pulsating?

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