Saturday, May 28, 2016

Mind Over Pain - The Best Way to End Chronic Pain

Think Away Your Pain
I healed from three years of chronic pain using nothing but my mind, after trying many other treatment approaches (which were all unsuccessful). I learned this unique method from a medical pioneer named Dr. John Sarno.

If you have pain that has lasted more than six months, and you’re still looking for a solution to help you cure the pain, I encourage you to learn more about Dr. John Sarno and his unique method of healing chronic pain with your mind.

I will add more to this page of the website in the future, but here is a great start. Go ahead and check out the following books (I’ve read all of them), videos, and websites, to see if any of this stuff resonates with you. This method might not be for you, but it could be the answer you’ve been waiting for. I wish you the best on your journey healing from chronic pain.

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