Saturday, March 12, 2016

I Am Not Your Guru: Documentary About Tony Robbins

MindTrip Magazine
Though he had directed some of the most acclaimed documentaries of the contemporary era, Joe Berlinger was just a regular guy grappling with personal issues when he decided to attend a Tony Robbins seminar in 2012.

Robbins had reached out to Berlinger after seeing the filmmaker’s Metallica documentary Some Kind of Monster a number of years before, and the two had formed a friendship. The self-help guru invited Berlinger, an admitted skeptic about the brand of personal improvement Robbins practiced, to attend his week-long “Date With Destiny” event.

What resulted was a journey that changed Berlinger’s life. And given how he resolved to make a movie about Robbins (and convinced his reluctant subject of the appeal of same), it might change your life too -- or, OK, at least set percolating a series of questions about the nature of charismatic leadership and the ways we approach and measure the benefits of psychological counseling.

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