Tuesday, March 01, 2016

How to Master Your Mind

By Mike Pettigrew, Creator of 
The Millionaire Mind Secrets

A great man once said “strive to master your mind rather than allowing your mind master you”.

So what did he mean by this statement?

Basically, he realised that as human beings we all possess two types of mind.

Firstly we have a mind that tries to keep us small and powerless, and that constantly whispers all sorts of nonsense to us, pretty much all day long.

That part of our mind that tells us that we are useless, that we shouldn’t even bother. Its that part of ourselves that keeps making us give in, instead of doing great things.

Then we have another part of our mind that is the complete opposite. It’s that part of ourselves that we might call our higher self, or our source of inner wisdom.

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