Friday, July 10, 2015

12 Anxiety and Depression Books That Will Actually Help

Recently, I found myself back in my doctor’s office, talking about all the finer points of my anxiety. Again. Was I experiencing déjà vu? I’d certainly been there before. I’d been doing well, managing the feeling over the past few months, but then things got worse again, and there I was, with a mandate to focus on myself again to get better. What could I do, though? I’ve never been one who finds mindfulness practices too great a help — scratch that, I hate that stuff — so, instead, I turned to books to help my anxiety and depression.

When I started reading to help with my anxiety, I searched the Internet for book lists intended to help sufferers of anxiety and depression, but each list had the same repetitive framework: self-help books, novels about severely mentally ill people, etc. That’s about as much of an escape as Steve McQueen getting stuck in the barbed wire at the last hurdle. So instead, I made my own list.

Over 28 days I read these 12 books, and revived a part of myself with each of them. I’m sharing these books with you in the order in which I read them. Here, I found my own series of 12 escapes from anxiety and depression. I hope, just maybe, you will, too.

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