Monday, May 20, 2013

The Video Game That Helps Fight Cancer

Cancer is one disease that's been with us for decades now. It's a terrible illness; a painful, wasting sickness that seems capable of striking anyone at any time. Though we've made some great strides in dealing with the disease, a cure is still a long way away - all we can do for the time being is treat it, and hope we can help those suffering from it to get through in one piece. 

To that end, Scientists and developers working for an organization known as HopeLab have come up with a rather unique means of fighting the illness: they've developed a video game. 

The idea of the title - known as Re-Mission - was to grant young sufferers of the disease a modicum of hope; to help them forget their illness, if only for a little while; it was meant to make them feel empowered, hopeful, and encouraged. 

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One Minute Cure for Cancer

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