Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How to Be A People Magnet

I recently met someone who has deeply inspired me and several thousands of people.

Not only has he provided me with inspiration, but he has taught me many valuable communication skills from his interesting experiences.

The guy's name is Joshua Uebergang, now more commonly known as the "Tower of Power" because of his height of 6'9" (206cm).

You see, he used to be an 8 hour-a-day computer gaming addict. He had awful people skills. He said he was the typical nerd. No joke. He could hardly talk to people face-to-face.

When he talked with his family, they argued amongst each other. He says it was his general approach to communication that hurts his relationships as he criticized, blamed, ordered, and avoided people's concerns.

Thankfully, now he has overcame these problems. In fact he has more than overcame problems, he has developed people-magnetic skills to get him the relationships and feelings we all want.

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