Friday, August 10, 2012

How to Talk With Anyone

By Benjamin Jenks

"Oh… no thanks…" I mumbled as I felt hot blood rise to my cheeks.

"I'm pretty tired…" My excuse trailed off though, because I was concealing a lie. I wasn't tired at all, in fact, I'd slept like a drunken baby last night. But I didn't want to tell the cute brunette girl the truth.

"I'm too shy to go out to the club with you and your friends."

That wouldn't go over so well, right? AND I definitely wouldn't tell her, "I get pretty darn nervous in social situations. It is sort of a problem… AND hanging out with a lady like yourself is definitely one of those situations. It would be awkward for most of the night… unless I got blasted and could slur my words romantically. Then, even tanked, I'd probably hope you made the first move."

Back then, I couldn't talk to anyone.

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