Monday, November 01, 2010

10 Ways to Buy Happiness

By Lena Sin, The Province

Money should make you happy. At least, it should if you're spending it right.

That's the argument put forth by University of B.C. psychology professor Elizabeth Dunn. In a paper co-authored by two world-renowned experts on happiness, Daniel Gilbert of Harvard University and Timothy Wilson of the University of Virginia, Dunn argues that most people are terrible at predicting what will make them happy, leading them to routinely spend money on all the wrong things.

"Money is an opportunity for happiness, but it is an opportunity that people routinely squander because the things they think will make them happy often don't," write Dunn and her colleagues.

For decades, researchers have known that money buys happiness, but only up to a point.
Research shows that wealthy people are not significantly happier than those with moderate incomes -- and according to conventional wisdom, that's because many of the things that make us happy aren't for sale. 


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