Thursday, November 11, 2010

How to Have Joy and Peace Now

By Dr. Alex Loyd / Creator of The Healing Codes

I want joy and peace now. How about you? And I believe you can have them.

My question is what is keeping you from joy and peace now in your life? The first thing to look at is what is blocking them. I have seen that there are two things blocking joy and peace in almost every situation. They are a focusing too much on the past or focusing too much on the future in a negative way.

Studies have come out in the last number of years that talk about how traditional counseling and therapy often make people worse instead of better. Let me be very careful here to explain that this is the kind of therapy where you’re basically just going back to your problems and rehashing them over and over and over. Research is indicating that a lot of times that makes the problem worse. I don’t have any trouble at all believing that.


The Healing Codes

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