Sunday, January 23, 2011

Name Your 3 Wishes -- and Watch Them Happen

Source: Mind Movies 2.0

Imagine if you had a genie that could grant you 3 wishes. Isn't that the childhood fantasy you had when you were little?

But as with most childhood fairy tales, I'm sure that fantasy turned into disillusionment when you realized that you can't simply wish something into existence, right? Somewhere along the way, the child in you became an adult -- and dreams became nothing but a head-in-the-clouds waste of time.

Whatever your age may be, I'm about to challenge your ability to believe in your secret hopes and dreams again.

What if you could name 3 wishes you want in your life ... and then use your computer or TV to make those wishes come true?

Does that sound far-fetched?

Don't worry. That's what I thought, too ... at first.

But rest assured that the manifestation technology I'm about to reveal to you is something deeply rooted in solid science -- the science of emotion. And in a moment, I'll prove it to you.


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