Saturday, January 29, 2011

7 Attitudes That Are Keeping You Broke

By Wellington Rodrigues,
Creator of Mastering Your Prosperity Codes

There has been a lot of talk about inflation, depression and recession lately. There are only two ways to really “shield” yourself from the dire news that are flooding the media left and right; one is to move to a remote cave in the Himalayas. The second (and easier) option is...
to transform your current “prosperity vibration”.

And how do you know that you’re NOT vibrating in a negative frequency when it comes to money and prosperity? EASY. I have a quick quiz to all my personal coaching clients who face money challenges. Throughout the years, I was able to track SEVEN characteristics possessed by those who have reoccurring financial “dramas” in their lives.

Take a look at each and see if any of those applies to you at this moment...


Master Your Prosperity Codes

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