Friday, November 16, 2007

The $100,000 Self Improvement Experiment

By John Paul Carinci
Author of The Power of Being Different

The magic of believing will help you gain tremendous rewards. Let's look at an example of belief. When you have pains in your chest, you may become alarmed. After you make an appointment with your doctor, he will give you a complete examination and tell you to come back in order to go over the test results.

On the second visit, the doctor tells you that all the tests come back negative and that there is nothing to be concerned about. He explains that perhaps you were affected by stress and that you should try to relax. If you do not feel better, he suggests that you can come back for another visit.

Having heard the good news that nothing is wrong, you leave the doctor’s office suddenly feeling fantastic. Your mind gets rid of all your aches and pains that you thought were real.

Belief in something, including your own health, is very powerful. If you learn how to capitalize on the power of belief, you can alter your life for the good.

What if someone promised to pay you $100,000 in return for following a 10-day plan that was not hazardous in any way, morally acceptable to you, and which was guaranteed to improve your life? Would you agree to follow the plan? You probably would because you wanted the $100,000 reward.


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