Tuesday, March 19, 2019

21 Quotes That Will Change You Into a Better Person

The Obstacle is the Way
By Ryan Holiday,
Author of 
The Obstacle Is The Way

As long as man has been alive, he has been collecting little sayings about how to live.

We find them carved in the rock of the Temple of Apollo and etched as graffiti on the walls of Pompeii.

They appear in the plays of Shakespeare, the commonplace book of H. P. Lovecraft, the collected proverbs of Erasmus, and the ceiling beams of Montaigne’s study.
Today, they’re recorded on iPhones and in Evernote.

But whatever generation is doing it, whether they’re written by scribes in China or commoners in some European dungeon or simply passed along by a kindly grandfather, these little epigrams of life advice have taught essential lessons. How to respond to adversity. How to think about money. How to meditate on our mortality. How to have courage.

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