Thursday, June 28, 2018

How to Play The Abraham Hicks Prosperity Game

MindTrip Magazine
The Prosperity Game is a lavish and playful game by Abraham Hicks.

If you're not familiar with the Law of Attraction teachings of Abraham-Hicks, they are a group of non-physical teachers channeled by Esther Hicks filled with Universal wisdom and witty repartee. 

It took a while to wrap my mind around the idea of channeled beings but once I read their teachings, I was hooked for life. Within their teachings, Abraham offers many experiential exercises to help guide you towards awakening and realizing your desires and reduce focus on the unwanted experiences in your life.

The point of the Prosperity Game is to expand our ability to receive and spend wealth, and to direct it with our intention and attention.

Since it's Law of Attraction based, the focus is on raising our vibrational state so that we are in alignment with receiving and spending large sums of money. And in doing so, we awaken more creativity within us.

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