Monday, April 01, 2013

Free Videos: 10 Steps to Solid Self Esteem

I've just heard about a new set of videos on self esteem that a colleague of mine, Mark Tyrell, has created.

This guy is hugely experienced in helping people with low self esteem, so if you could do with some help in that area, I strongly recommend signing up:

In it, he talks about some of the ideas he developed while training over 10,000 health professionals on how to lift self esteem. Like:
  • Why, weirdly, low self esteem makes you too sure of yourself, and how that hurts you.
  • Why you make yourself feel bad by taking more than your share of the blame pie.
  • How to stop one bad thing spreading out to taint your whole life (and how this can also protect you against depression).
I promise you you've never seen anyone like Mark before - he's do different to the usual 'hype merchants' you see in this field. This guy is a professional, with a ton of experience, and who obviously really cares about people in need.
I hope you find this video useful!

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