Sunday, March 03, 2013

The Spiritual Traveler's Creed

By Dr. Stewart Bitkoff

The breath that does not repeat the name of God is a wasted breath. –Kabir

According to Sufi tradition, humanity originated 'far beyond the stars' and is on a return journey back to the Source. While in the earth phase, there are numerous opportunities to embrace 'our real' or 'lasting nature,' and begin the spiritual journey home.

In this physical world, because we are in a sense estranged from our real or lasting nature, there is an unease and inner hunger that pushes us forward to search and make the inner spiritual connection.

While in this world, many become fooled and attempt to fill the inner emptiness with all manner of things and experiences; this further compounds the problem of remembering who we are.

Just like ET in the movie, we need to contact home -- through our own inner spiritual awareness -- so the factors might align and we begin the return journey.

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