Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Free Video - Wealth and Abundance in 2013

By Christie Marie Sheldon,
Creator of
 Unlimited Abundance

Have you ever stopped and wondered what progress society has made in the last 30 years?

If you've tuned into the news lately, you already know the answer is disappointing. It turns out that we're actually worse off now than we were 30 years ago.

So it's natural to wonder - what changed? Part of the problem is all the talk of cut-backs and recession in the media over the past few years.

You see, when you're surrounded by that kind of negativity, it's very hard not to internalize it... And your subconscious naturally reacts by telling you to focus your energy on keeping what you have now instead of on what you might achieve.

But here's the truth.

You ARE able to attract the life you desire – the paycheck, the house, the promotion – and getting it has nothing to do with your education, intelligence or luck...

Wealth 2013

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