Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Psychic Powers of Bigfoot?

Even though there have been thousands of sightings of the creature known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch there is really as yet no definitive proof that the creature actually exists. There are footprint casts, obscure video clips and images.

However, amidst all the sightings and encouters there is now some evidence that this mythical creature may possess psychic powers of sorts. Psychic Bigfoot? If the creature does actually exist that may be a possibility. We will look at what some of those that believe in a psychic Bigfoot claim as evidence of this theory.

Once you get past the standard Bigfoot encounters there are a number of bizarre psychic related theories floating around out there in regards to Bigfoot. For instance, that he is from another dimension and has the ability to shift over to that other dimension at will, that Bigfoot sightings are often accompanied by ufo phenomena and that Bigfoot is working with extraterrestrials, that Bigfoot is telepathic and has the ability to communicate with those it comes in contact with, that Bigfoot is a guardian of nature on planet earth and has been granted with special powers to that end.

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