Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Instant Healing with New Energetics

By Jason Mangrum, Exclusive for MindTrip Magazine

In this day and age our culture has fallen hopelessly in love with things that provide us with instant gratification.

The need for speed and for getting things done immediately so we can reap the benefits at the soonest time possible has given us fast food restaurants, off-the-shelf packaged products and microwave dinners.

We can get instant purchasing power through credit cards, or have instant access to our stash of cash through ATMs. Even romance and relationships can be instantly realized with speed dating and online databases.

There is one area, though, that seems to lie beyond our ability to speed things up.

Despite advances in medicine and healthcare, healing the human body remains a painstaking and deliberate process that often relies on the optimum configuration of many external factors in order for it to succeed. We rely on the skill of healthcare professionals to administer tests using complex equipment and procedures.

Beyond Superhuman

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