Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Future of Meditation?

Source: Omharmonics

Do you meditate? Or are you at least curious about new scientific advancements into this ancient practice?

Yes? Well we have a gift for you to try from the team at Mindvalley - of the world’s biggest online personal growth publishers.

It’s a free meditation audio. But with a difference.

The audio uses a next-generation sound technology called Omharmonics, which Mindvalley has spent the past year developing with world-class consciousness engineers.

Designed to retune brain wave frequency to 7 - 14 cps (the optimum Alpha level), the result is a deep meditation within minutes - even in people who have no prior experience meditating.

The truth is, we all know our mind is a powerful instrument. But when it comes to meditation, people have been struggling for decades. Many of us can’t shake off mental chatter. We fall asleep. We get restless. We can’t find time to practice.

According to Mindvalley, Omharmonics makes all these problems obsolete.

Could this be the future of meditation?

Grab a pair of headphones, set aside a few minutes, and be the judge:

GRAB THE FREE MP3 HERE... Omharmonics

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