Thursday, March 03, 2011

Ferrari Developing Mind Reading Car?

By Craig Howie / Source: AOL

Stepping into a Ferrari's sleek cockpit is enough to set anyone's pulse racing. But what if that was a bad thing? Italy's most illustrious motoring marque is working on an in-car system that monitors a driver's mental state behind the wheel, according to a British car magazine. Effectively, future mind-blowing Ferraris may also read a driver's mind.

The idea behind the device is thaat Ferrari drivers may get just a little excited -- go figure -- and this heightened state could lead them to drive more dangerously. The way it works is that a series of in-cabin sensors will monitor a driver's heart rate, blood pressure, facial reactions and brain activity.

The sensors will act to increase safety by detecting not only a state of excitement but also by monitoring a driver's alertness, or indeed tiredness, by way of their blink rate. The car's performance is then automatically adjusted through the car's stability control systems.


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