Monday, February 14, 2011

Why You Have Psychic Powers

By Jim Francis
 /  Mind Power: Remote Influence Techniques

This concept of intelligence existing "outside" the physical
confines of the living organism has been hard for the scientific
community to accept. But over the past 5-10 years, hard evidence
has been produced which is having its effect on the scientific

Dr. Karl Pribram, a prominent American brain surgeon, sees the
brains neurons "outpicturing" the physical universe, similar to the
holographic process. He suggests that our brains are exposed to the
entire concept of the universe in the same way that any minute part
of a hologram contains basically the same information as the whole.

British scientist, Jacob Boehm came up with the same Holographic
Theory and had it published in a prominent scientific journal.

But probably most amazing of all is the mind power theory that
British physicist Rupert Sheldrake has proffered. If his theory is
proven correct, it will rival Charles Darwin's Theory of evolution
in its magnitude.


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