Saturday, February 12, 2011

Change Your Mood in Minutes with New Brainwave CDs

By Karl Moore / Source: Brain Salon Brainwave CDs

It sounds like something from a science fiction movie. Just press a button – and quickly boost your happiness, get focused, or fall to sleep. But thanks to one British company, this hi-tech dream is turning into a reality.

Today marks the official launch of the "Brain Salon," an audio program that uses specialized sounds to influence your brainwaves, and change your state. It has been over 18 months in development, and is already receiving critical acclaim.

Speaking at the launch, co-developer Justin Hammond said: "Being in the wrong state of mind really holds us back in life. With the Brain Salon, you can now control precisely how you feel. Just slip on a pair of headphones and listen. It's easy!"

The Brain Salon audio sessions are based on a science known as "brainwave entrainment," which reproduce specific brainwave patterns, using specialized sounds. This changes your state – making you more focused, for example, or helping you to relax. 

The method is based on almost 100 years of brainwave research.

The Brain Salon package includes six 30-minute audio sessions for inducing individual states, including heightened focus, improved mood, increased energy levels, creativity, sleep, and relaxation.


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