Thursday, July 19, 2007

7 Steps to Unleash Dynamic Energy

By Anthony Norvell

Do these Things to Release Dynamic Energy

1. Set some goal for yourself that you are trying to achieve. Make that goal big enough so that it will excite your imagination and arouse tremendous interest. Your energies will rise in proportion to the needs you have. If you have a goal to make only fifty dollars a week, it is not a very inspiring goal. If you push that goal and set a figure such as two hundred and fifty dollars a week, instantly your subconscious mind will release the dynamic energy and the dynamic ideas to make it possible to achieve the larger sum.

2. Have some person or persons in your life that you are trying to help; this can be your own mate, your children, your mother and father; whatever it is that you are trying to do for others unselfishly will automatically give you greater energy and more stamina to endure and persist. If you live just for yourself, it is unlikely that you will have more than just enough life-force to exist. Florence Nightingale was the first woman in history to go out into battle to help nurse soldiers. She freed womankind from the restrictions of their sex, and created a new and honorable profession for women. This frail woman was so inspired by her desire to help the sick, that it gave her tremendous energy and vitality.

3. Find work that you really enjoy doing, and if you happen to be in work you despise get out of it as soon as possible. Nothing will so quickly lower the curve of energy as being in work you detest. It has even been known to make some people chronically sick because they are constantly frustrated. This restricts the glandular action of the body and depresses the body organs. But if you are in work you love, your body cells sing with joy and health and energy, they are stimulated, so that you constantly feel good.


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